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Origami Owl Living Lockets: Spring 2016 Collection

Origami Owl is a custom jewelry shop that creates pendants, tags, bangles, leather wrap bracelets, earrings, and more. They specialize in seasonal, Collegiate, Major League Baseball, Crystals by Swarovski, bridal, men’s and more. They’re also the creator of Living Lockets, a unique locket that allows you to add just the charms that celebrate life’s events for you or your gift recipient. That pendant can become a keychain, lanyard, dangle pin, bracelet, or necklace.

There are over 50 styles of Living Lockets Bases and Faces with prices from $14 to $48. Many include Swarovski Crystals for plenty of sparkle. There are also very ornate and simple metals, colored enamels, and plenty of shapes to choose from. Once you’ve chosen you Living Locket Base and Face it’s time to choose how you’ll wear it. I received a necklace with a fine silver chain with a Lobster claw closure and attached extender. It’s the perfect length for me and the quality far exceeds its inexpensive price, but I worry the locket is too heavy and will snap the chain. I think the 32″ Silver Flat Oval Link Custom Chain would have been a better fit.  Chains are available in several metal colors, plenty of lengths, and styles so you can find the perfect one for your design.

Origami Owl Living Lockets Necklace - Spring 2016 ad

Now that you have the basics, it’s time to choose your charms. There are a plethora off charms to choose from. For spring, you’ll find plenty to celebrate Easter, Mother’s Day, as well as flowers, gardening, and more. These mix well with everyday charms so you can switch out the seasonal with other pieces to weart the locket yearround.

The charms are reasonably priced and the quality is excellent. I’ve paid much more for charms for my bracelet that haven’t been as well made. Along with the charms, there are plenty of Swarovski crystals to add color and shine. I wish you could see this in person, the sparkle is amazing!

Origami Owl Living Lockets: Spring 2016 Collection ad

My Origami Owl Charm Necklace

Origami Owl 30" SILVER OVER-THE-HEART CHAIN - Spring 2016 ad

Many of the pieces can be monogrammed and the backside of the charms and lockets are as beautiful as the front. My one small complaint is that the Living Locket can’t be worn in the water, including the shower, because it’s not waterproof. Unfortunately, I’m terrible about remembering to take my jewelry off, so I’ll likely forget and get it wet. It may survive it I open it up and dry it out right away, but should it tarnish, the metal can be polished with a dry polishing cloth (or sterling silver polishing cloth for the sterling pieces).

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Where to Buy

Purchase your custom jewelry via the Origami Owl website or find a local designer near you.

I love this necklace and I’ll be swaping out the Easter charms with two Fire Fighter charms to honor my sweet husband. I love that my only expense will be the two new charms and a few new Swavski crystals to enhance the new theme.

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