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Kids Room Ideas: Creating a Place for Art in the Playroom

I’ve been creating a playroom for our first grandchild who’s due any day now. I’ve devoted a large section of the room to art and hope to have many hours of fun creating with her there. I started with an unfinished child-sized picnic table which I painted with the colors I pulled from the fabric I’m using in the room. The table isn’t quite finished yet, I plan to stencil pattern onto it and then sand it lightly all over for a distressed look, but I’m getting there.

Kids Room Ideas: Creating a Place for Art in the Playroom

Under the table I’ve placed a fantastic Owl Splat Mat ($19.95) by Bumkins. It just happens to have many of the same colors as the Petite Collage Organic Woodland Parade the fabric I’m using and it fits into the woodland theme beautifully.

Petite Collage Woodland Parade Organic Fabric

It’s wipeable and washable and it folds up into a small little bundle should I want to use it as a table cover, picnic blanket, or to catch spills under her highchair. It’s generously sized and will protect the carpet I’ll be adding soon as well as the laminate floor underneath from our crafty spills.

Bumkins Splat Mat Paint Smock Storage Bags ad

It has a coordinating Owl Art Smock ($16.95) which I’ve hung on the wall to the right of the table on a fun red iron hook so it’s always on hand. The long-sleeved waterproof smock is available in a wide variety of patterns and even an adorable Dr. Seuss-themed print.

Bumpkins Splat Mat Paint Smock ad

I used a set of Bumkins 3-Piece Clear Travel Bags ($12.95) with the same owl print (though others are available) to store art supplies. It keeps them neat and tidy and allows me to toss them into the diaper bag in case we decide to take our art outside. The see-through sytle means not having to dig to find what I’m looking for. They’re made from spot-clean only fabric that’s BPA-, PVC- vinyl-, phthalate, and lead-free! The fabric is odor resistant and they’re tSA-compliant if we decide to use them for their intended purpose. The large bag is generoulsy sized at 9.5″ x 8.5″, the medium is 9″ x 7″, and the small is 9″ x 5″.

Bumkins Storage Bags ad

The shelving, trays, tins, flowers, and hooks are from Ikea, the artwork is Petite Collage, the Woodland Animal Garlandcork bulletin board, and the round lined basket are available from Amazon.com. I plan to stencil the basket (it’s a set of three) to add a little more color.  The flipping tabletop art easle will get a makeover soon – I’m sanding it down and painting it with the same paint from the table, and I’ll be adding a variety of art supplies in the near future.

Art Supply Storage

I’ve still got a lot of work to do – I’m painting a mural on the walls, stenciling the corkboard, and I haven’t even started sewing yet, but I’m sure it’ll be months before we can drag this new little peanut away from her parents to come for a visit. But when’s she’s ready, her playroom will be too!

Bumpkins Splat Mat ad

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What do you think of my kids room ideas for an art station?