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HABA has created quality blocks, games, wooden toys, and more for over 75 years, 35 of which they’ve been in the U.S. They’ve won numerous awards in both the US and Germany and their toys products have been enjoyed by millions of kids and their parents around the globe.

Pack to Go to Grandmas House - HABA Water Friends Angler Set: Bathtime Fishing Fun for Ages 2+ ad

HABA Water Friends Angler Set

The HABA Water Friends Angler Set is a fun toy that can be used in the bath, kiddie pool, or in the playroom. The 7.5″ plastic fishing pole has a large plastic hook on the end which allows little fishers to “catch” one of five water friends via the loop on their nose. The colorful fish include a shark (approximately 4″ long) plus several other fun shapes. It’s meant for kids ages 2+ but it can certainly be enjoyed with mom or dad’s help much earlier. This toy encourages interaction, helps with dexterity, and can be used to learn colors, counting, or shapes.

HABA Water Friends Angler Set: Bathtime Fishing Fun for Ages 2+ ad

The set is well-made. The fish have great details and unique features. The sewing is impeccable and I expect them to last for years when properly cared for (i.e., dried out after play). The fishing pole is made of hard plastic and short enough that it should resist breaking though older children could snap it if they try hard enough. For younger fishermen, they’ll enjoy the ribbing on the pole which helps them grip it.

HABA Water Friends Angler Set Details

  • UPC Code: 4010168057989
  • Model Number: 5798
  • Materials: Lycra, Plastic Fishing Rod

Where to Buy

This bath toy and many others can be purchased from the HABA website, Amazon.com, and other online and local retailers that carry quality kids toys. The MSRP is $19.99.

We’ll be sharing more great HABA toys and Lassig bags; everything a little one needs to pack for vacation or a trip to grandma’s house!

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