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I recently got the chance to try out The Living Proof Timeless™ Collection which only available at Ulta Beauty. Its goal is to undo the damage I do to my hair on a daily basis which includes coloring my gray hair. While I use the most natural hair coloring product available, it still can strip my hair of some of its natural luster and shine. As I get older, I realize how much the lack of this natural radiance can age my hair. No one wants dull and lifeless looking hair – that’s the opposite of what helps keep our youthful appearance intact. The Living Proof Timeless Collection works to combat that dulling caused by time and hair coloring by bringing back my natural shine.

Living Proof Timeless Collection #AgeWisely #IC #ad

The Living Proof Timeless Collection includes a Pre-Shampoo treatment, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Plumping Mousse (ARV $110). The collection is powered by an advanced technology Fortifying Complex comprised of Amino acids which help strengthen and fortify hair, Ceramide-like lipids to keep the cuticle sealed for smoother look, and OFPMA + proteins considered the Healthy Hair Molecule to control moisture and keep hair strong while repelling dirt and oil so hair stays clean longer.

Living Proof Timeless Collection #AgeWisely #IC #ad


The timeless pre-shampoo treatment (hair “retinoid”) fortifies hair and locks in color. It’s the first defense against your hair’s age-related concerns. It works to keep you color vibrant and your hair in its best condition while improving its strength which results in up to 85% less breakage after one use. It’s used before every shampoo and is allowed to soak in for a few minutes before shampooing.

Creamy & thick mousse - Living Proof Timeless Collection #AgeWisely #IC #ad

Next up timeless shampoo and conditioner. Both are sulfate-free, silicone-free, and color-safe for beautiful, ageless hair. Then finish with timeless plumping mousse (hair “filler”). This creamy mousse can make your hair look up to 3x fuller. It can control wiry and unmanageable strands, but be careful. Use too much and it can add more control that you want. Start with just a dab and add more if necessary.

All of the products work together to provide great looking hair for those of us on the plus side of 40 and beyond! I loved the control and body all of the products gave my hair and the shine was amazing!

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