snu:mee – Where to Buy It

Currently available only in Europe for $140, Baby Star’s is crowdfunding here in the U.S. and early birds will get the unit for just $79!  If you’d rather order it right now, you can buy it for $139.90 at the Baby Stars rock2sleep website.

Find out more and connect online with Baby Stars on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Get the Baby Stars rock2sleep app at Google Play for Android or the iOS operating system at iTunes.

snu:mee by Baby Stars Rock2Sleep is a new device for babies and their parents. This modern music box with a baby monitor and MP3 player is three devices in one. No longer do you have to suffer through the repetitive baby tunes on your child’s nighttime music soother or sound machines. Instead, enjoy music box renditions of popular pop and rock songs. You can even use the snu:mee‘s recorder function to record a song or book to play to your child in your own voice. Create a playlist of songs for different situations like nap time, bed time, or when a parent is away on travel.

Baby Stars – rock2sleep snu:mee Video

snu:mee – Baby Monitor and Music Soother for Babies

The compact unit arrives preloaded with six lullabies, and there are more available through the Baby Star portal. You’ll find traditional lullabies as well as songs by popular artists that have been reimagined into soothing songs your kids will love. You’ll find Somebody That I Used to Know (click to hear), Someone Like You (click to hear), and more. There are also nature sounds and parents get six free downloads of their choice.

su:mee Baby Monitor Sleep Soother

The snu:mee is connected via direct Wifi to your smartphone (WLAN) or via Wifi. This allows you to load new songs, create playlists, monitor the nursery, and talk to your child. The unit is very portable – take it on the road, to the park, or to grandma’s house. It has a built-in rechargeable long lasting Li-Ion battery (though if you plan to use it all night, you’ll need to be sure it’s plugged in). The snu:mee has a 300m signal range which Baby Star guarantees is a safe, low-radiation connection that’s interference free

Use the sleep timer and repeat function to keep the music going until your child falls asleep. Also, set up alerts to have your smartphone let you know when snu:mee loses its connection, there’s a sound in the nursery and more. You can also change the volume, the song, or turn it on/off from your smartphone, so there’s no more sneaking into the room to complete those tasks.

The music unit can be stored in a soft plush sleeve – there are plenty to choose from including Uma the owl which is the one we selected, Ruby the sheep, Joe the Monkey, Twinkle Star, Luna Moon, and more. These retail for $24.90 and make the snu:mee kid-friendly and portable.

snu:mee – Grows With Your Child

As your baby grows the snu:mee grows with them. A headphone jack allows older children to listen to their music privately, and the MP3 player holder can hold up to 4GB of memory, and supports MP3/4, AAC, WAV files. The snu:mee’s volume can be limited to 60 decibels to protect your infant’s sensitive hearing. This limit can be removed as the child gets older.

snu:mee – My Experience

I found the snu:mee easy to connect via WLAN, but connecting to our home Wifi has been more difficult (see the snu:mee Tutorial 6: Home Wi-Fi Connection Android video below). The sound quality is pretty amazing for such a small speaker, and the app is mostly easy to use. The song choices are fantastic, and I love the plush sleeves available as they make the unit baby-friendly and more droppable without harming it. The manual controls on the unit are easy to use though the symbols are a bit hard to distinguish as they’re molded into the material, so there’s no contrast to make them more visually accessible. If you like, you can completely control it manually, but connecting it to your smartphone lets you control it remotely.

snumee Baby-safe MP3 Player

su:mee Baby Monitor MP3 Player

su:mee Baby Monitor Player Pouch

su:mee Baby MP3 Player Monitor

This is an outstanding baby music soother that has the added benefit of being a nursery monitor, though I think most parents have gone to video monitors. Still, it’s an added feature that’s helpful. I’m looking forward to creating some original content for our granddaughter who’s due next month that can be added to her nighttime playlist.

snu:mee Tutorial 6: Home Wi-Fi Connection Android

Are you ready for a baby soother that offers quality sound? We are!

We were provided a sample to facilitate this review; however, all opinions are our own.