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Start Smart. Stay Active. Keep Fit. Simple words that can change your life. But how does one fit that into real life? Well first, you get help and for me, that means visiting my local Safeway store to stock up on healthy foods. Eating a rainbow of colors in fruits and vegetables starts with having them on hand and as easy to grab as a bag of chips. It also means finding healthier substitutions for junk food. Food with real nutritional values instead of empty calories from fat and sugar.

Odwalla Smoothies - Tips to Start Smart, Stay Active, and Keep Fit #StartSmart2016 @Safeway @odwalla #ad

I recently discovered Odwalla Smoothies and Shakes and found them to be the perfect substitution for a sweet treat. They’re available in 15.2 fl oz, 32 fl oz, and 59 fl oz sizes, so they’re easy to have on hand and perfect for a grab-and-go pick me up. I’ve swapped out some popular desserts with Odwalla Smoothies and Shakes to show how you can get more nutrition and great taste for about the same amount of calories!

200 Calorie Berry Crumble Swap

This tiny Berry Crumble isn’t bad, it’s got about 1/2 cup of fruit and oatmeal, but it also has 6 grams of fat. Substitute the generously sized 15.2 oz Odwalla Red Rhapsody Fruit Smoothie for a non-GMO and fat-free dessert. Your body will enjoy the benefits of apples, strawberries, banana, beets, pomegranate, raspberries, rooibos red tea, and beta carotene.

Healthy Dessert Swaps - Tips to Start Smart, Stay Active, and Keep Fit #StartSmart2016 @Safeway @odwalla #ad

300 Calorie Donut Swap

Instead of an iced donut with 11 grams of fat and ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors, choose an Odwalla Strawberry C Monster Smoothie. This non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and fat-free smoothie is made from oranges, strawberry puree, apple juice, cane sugar, concord grapes, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and Rose Hips which makes it a great 300 calorie treat!

Healthy Food Swaps - Odwalla Strawberry C Monster - Tips to Start Smart, Stay Active, and Keep Fit #StartSmart2016 @Safeway @odwalla #ad

400+ Chocolate Cream Pie Swap

A little chocolate is a must! But choosing a chocolate cream pie that’s finished in 4-5 bites isn’t satisfying enough, especially since it’s so low in protein. The 32g Odwalla Chocolate Protein Shake with its 90% DV of calcium and 30% DV of iron is a much better choice. It’s creamy and delicious and toss it in the freezer for 20 minutes, and it’ll be icy sweet!

Healthy Chocolate Dessert Swap - Tips to Start Smart, Stay Active, and Keep Fit #StartSmart2016 @Safeway @odwalla #ad


Wearing an activity tracker is the best way for me to be reminded to keep active. The Misfit Fitness Tracker is especially fantastic because it doesn’t require daily recharging and it’s simple. It lets me know how many steps I’ve taken which encourages me to take more.  Shopping, housecleaning, and everyday activities can add up and move me towards my goal.

Win a Misfit Shine - Tips to Start Smart, Stay Active, and Keep Fit #StartSmart2016 @Safeway @odwalla #ad

Enter to win one of 1000 Misfit ShineTM Fitness + Sleep Monitors! Purchase a qualifying product and upload a copy of your receipt to be entered. Contest ends 3/24/16 – please see the official rules before entering.


Remembering that fitness is a life-long commitment and not just a quick fix.  Use your local Albertsons or Safeway-owned stores to help you keep your resolution for better health by shopping for Simply Orange, Fairlife Milk, and Odwalla Smoothies to help you sustain a balanced diet. All of them can be found in the refrigerated section.

 Tips to Start Smart, Stay Active, and Keep Fit #StartSmart2016 @Safeway @odwalla #ad

Simple lifestyle changes that can be maintained in the long run makes keeping fit and healthy a reality.

 How do you keep healthy? Have you tried swapping nutritionally dense food for your favorite snack food?

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