A Luminess Legend Airbrush System was provided to facilitate this review; however, all opinions are my own.

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I’ve wanted to give the Luminess Air system a try since the first time I saw it advertised on TV. But since I have worked from home for over ten years, there didn’t seem to be a reason to purchase one. I rarely wear makeup anymore which seems impossible since I never used to step outside my house for any reason without full makeup and hair.

Luminess Legend Airbrush System –  What’s Included

But wanting a quick and easy makeup routine for the days I do wear it I said yes to trying the Luminess Legend Airbrush System (Aqua & White), and I’m so glad I did. I gave it a try for the first time the other day and have documented my results here.

The Luminess Legend Airbrush System retails for $249 and includes a starter kit with two foundation colors, plus Airbrush Primer, Airbrush Blush, and Airbrush Glow as well as an airbrush compressor, and stylus. The kit arrives in a box laid out with a short product descriptions plus directions on how to use each item – it was so helpful! They also thoughtfully provided how long to shake each bottle and how many drops to use for an average application.

Luminess Air - Starter Kit Content

I  love that the Starter Kit includes two foundation shades, but choosing the right starter kit isn’t easy. There are five kits to choose from – Fair, Medium, Warm, Tan, and Deep. I’ve purchased “fair” shades in other makeup lines, and it’s always been too pale, so I opted for Medium which is too dark for me. I missed the reviews that said that Fair was closer to a medium tone – it sounds like it would have been perfect.

Luminess does offer two ways to help you choose the right shade. You can send them a photo and they’ll color match you (I chose not too because I was too excited to get my order on its way plus the lighting and tint of a photo can alter your true skin tone) or enter the UPC code of your current foundation and they’ll color match.  I was able to Google the UPC code of my current powdered foundation, but unfortunately, the Luminess Air database didn’t include it.

Luminess Airbrush Cosmetics

If you’re not ready to purchase a unit but would like to opt for their TV trial offer, you can order the Luminess Anniversary Sale Airbrush System for $19.95 (which includes shipping – the regular trial price is $29.99) to try for 30 days. The trial Luminess Airbrush System includes four foundations plus Airbrush Blush, Airbrush Glow, and Airbrush Primer. If you opt to keep the kit, you’ll pay five monthly payments of $51.99. That brings the total cost of the set to $279.90

Luminess Legend Airbrush System –  How to Use It

Luminess Air 2-Minute Makeover Video

Using the Luminess Legend Airbrush System couldn’t be easier, and I love how quickly and lightly the makeup is applied. I will warn you though if you have fine hairs on your face, this will accentuate it because it lays a thin layer of product on top of the hairs as well. I have to remember to remove those hairs more often – on my cheeks and the white eyebrow hairs that I can only see when I use Luminess. But I’m looking at my skin with a 10X mirror, you may not notice the same issues.

It also doesn’t fill in your pores so if you have large pores like me, you may want to try one of their pre-foundation products specifically for that purpose. But not filling in your pores gives you the lightest coverage possible.

Luminess Air - Kit

The Moisturizer/Primer goes on first and leaves a light layer to help the foundation cover better plus it provides moisture to those dry areas around the eyes. I love the way the primer feels on my skin and it’s a step I definitely wouldn’t skip.

The Ultra Foundation is sprayed on next in light circular motions. I used 12 drops of the foundation, more than the average, but I have a large face (I’m 5’10” tall). The airbrushed foundation makeup covered my red areas, pimples, and dark circles well without giving me a thick layer of makeup. My freckles were still visible, but the redness was gone – to me that’s perfect!

Luminess Air - Ultra Foundation

Next I sprayed on the Rose Blush. I was a little heavy handed on one side and had to resist from pulling out a sponge to blend it because I wanted to try the sprayer alone the first time. It took just three drops of blush to do my cheeks, hairline, and jawline.

The last product I sprayed on was the Skin Brightening Glow. Not only did it add highlights, but it also softened my blush mistake and provided an all over glow to my look.

Luminess Air - Stylus

Cleaning the stylus between products is done with a squirt bottle full of water – just pour it in and let it run through the sprayer. Since I was working near my sink, I sometimes just turned on the tap and rinsed it faster that way. It’s only necessary to clean the stylus when changing colors and at the end of your makeup session.

Luminess Legend Airbrush System –  What I love About It

What I like about the Luminess Legend Airbrush System puts out a steady stream of fine mist without a lot of noise. That superfine mist gave me a great, natural look. Plus Luniness Airbrush Cosmetics are mineral and water based, oil and talc free, and work on all skin types. I didn’t experience any breakouts or skin irritation, and it stayed put until I removed it later that night.

Luminess Air - Starter Kit

Luminess Legend Airbrush System –  Add-ons, Accessories & Cosmetics

There are plenty of additional products available on the Luminess Air website, and I’ve already picked up quite a few and have tested them out. My second try was not as successful as the first. I learned that it’s crucial to use the correct color of foundation and blush for the best results. I tried the second foundation shade that arrived in the starter kit along with a blush color I purchased and the results were terrible.

I also purchased the Luminess Airbrush Eye Shadow and several other creams. I’ll share those with you soon as well as a few more “after” photos.

Before Hair No Makeup

Before – No hair & makeup

Luminess Legend Airbrush System – Hints & Tips

  • Spend some time choosing the starter kit that’s right for you. Use my photos to see where you fit on the scale of shades. But once you have the right shade, I think you’ll love airbrushing your makeup as much as I do. I did it in less than 5 minutes and with practice, I’m sure I’ll improve my time.
  • Don’t skip the primer – it moisturizes your skin which helps to make wrinkles take the color better without becoming dry and flaky.
  • To get great results, go lightly at first – you can always build up color, but it’s hard to remove it once you’ve gone too far. Try the Glow to “erase” mistakes before wiping your face clean and starting over.
  • Follow the directions until you’ve used it enough times to start experimenting. Some people combine products and spray once, others insist it’s the layering that makes it exceptional. Find out which works best for you.
  • Don’t try to use your own foundation or liquid blush in the sprayer. The Lumines Air Cosmetics are much thinner than regular makeup products and they have a viscosity to them you won’t be able to mimic by just adding water.
  • Have fun with it and practice. Enlist a friend to experiment on.
Luminess Air - After

After – I happened to be reviewing a set of rollers at the same time, so I did a dry blowout at the same time. I’m wearing just the products provided in the kit.

Luminess Legend Airbrush System – My Wishes

I think my results are pretty spectacular, especially for the first time, and I promise it was even better than the photos show. The foundation is a much better match than it looks though I will be purchasing one shade lighter in a buff color which I think will match my skin tone better. I’m also switching to their matte foundation because I have combination skin with a very oily t-zone. I do wish they’d sell a genuine sample kit of foundation shades – at $16, the small bottles are a large investment when you’re trying to find your perfect shade.

I’m happy to recommend airbrush makeup – it’s awakened my desire to look better, something I haven’t felt in quite a long time.

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