We received a SuperMax the Turtle to facilitate this review; however, all opinions are our own.

SuperMax the Turtle is available in Pink and Blue

Getting your child to go to sleep and then stay asleep is one of those parental mysteries. There’s no rhyme or reason why some kids are easy sleepers and others fight it every step of the way. Oh sure. Some parenting is involved, but there are babies who right out of the womb are terrible sleepers. Of course, they gave an inkling that they were active ones in utero, but we didn’t heed their warning.

I had one of each – a child who put himself to sleep without a tear and another who went through the “I need a…” stage for far too long. Now there are sleeping aids available to parents to make the chore of bedtime easier.

SuperMax The Turtle: Let’s Go to Sleep

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Cloud B specializes in sleeping products for children, and their SuperMax The Turtle™ is a tiny plastic turtle, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but big enough to fill the ceiling with soft glowing stars. There are three color options to soothe your little one and encourage them to turn off the lights and close the curtains. SuperMax projects those stars for 45 minutes and then shuts off, so your child sleeps in a darkened room which pediatricians recommend for the best night’s sleep.

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The stars are surprisingly visible on the ceiling in a darkened room, and the controls are easy to use, so there’s no fumbling around in the dark.

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This unique night light and star projector is designed to ease the fear of the dark and runs silently on 3 AAA batteries. Plus each SuperMax Turtle arrives with a storybook that empowers kids to be superheroes.

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How SuperMax Can Help Your Child While Helping Others

The story behind SuperMax is sweet. He’s named after Max Wilford, a child who’s been battling brain cancer for more than three years now. While SuperMax The Turtle is a great gift for kids of any age, it’s also a way to raise funds for the MaxLove Project.(MaxLoveProject.org). For every turtle purchased a portion of the proceeds are donated. So far, over $250,000 worth of Twilight Turtles™ has been given to kids fighting cancer and other diseases around the world.

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