I’ve been shopping for a unique light fixture for our first grandchild’s Forrest Friends playroom. I’ve been imaging something that you’d see outdoors in a cabin or campsite. The aren’t many choices of ready-made fixtures that aren’t too cutesy or too themes, so I’ve been thinking of creating my own.

I’ve done some window shopping on Amazon for lightbulbs and possible shades, but it wasn’t until I saw this video by designer Taniya Nayak that I realized that it was possible for me to create my own lighting! And better yet, now I have a visual for my husband so he can see my vision as well – this is going to save hours of me trying to explain how it’s possible to use everyday items and turn them into fantastic light fixtures!

DIY Pendant Light - create a unique pendant light with household items like these - Video Tutorial by Designer Taniya Nayak - ad

In this video,Nayak takes a wooden salad bar, a mason jar, a wicker trash can, and a wire basket and transforms them into custom pendant light fixtures.  One thing Tania doesn’t mention is fire safety. When choosing a combustible shade like the wicker trash can, be sure to only use an LED light bulb and always check your DIY light after it’s been on a for a few minutes to see if heat is building up – you don’t want to start a fire!

If Nayak looks familiar to you, it’s because you’ve probably seen her on Oprah, The View, Ellen, Rachel Ray, Restaurant Impossible, or HGTV. She’s a favorite interior decorator whose most recent show has been as a judge on The Great Christmas Light Fight.

DIY Pendant Light Fixture Tutorial by Tania Nayak

I’ll post our attempt to create our own DIY Pendant Light fixtures when we make it. Right now we’re painting the playroom, and we’ll be creating a mural, so the fixture is a few months away.

What do you think? Are you ready to create a unique lighting fixture for your home?