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Stress Free Birthday Party Planning - Let Chuck E. Cheese Do all the Work! ad We screwed up when it came to planning our children. While we had the timing right – married two years, stable jobs with medical and maternity leave, etc. – what we didn’t plan for was the month their birthdays would fall in. You’d think that someone who’s birthday is near a holiday would know better. As a child, I pouted every year when my birthday arrived just two days before the 4th of July – a date when most families are out of town – and I had to celebrate without friends.

But we were more worried about affording daycare and figuring out how we were going to make it all work so the fact that our first son was born Thanksgiving week and the other just after New Years was a complete oversight on our part. But trying to put together two birthday parties during the busiest weeks of the year is insane!  There’s already so much to do, and the extra cleaning and prep can be overwhelming, plus let’s remember this is Seattle, so parties have to be inside. Have you ever been in the house with 12 boys under the age of 10? The NOISE LEVEL IS INSANE!

Chuck E. Cheese’s: Stress-Free & Fun-Filled Birthday Parties

We learned quickly that the only way to stay sane is to have their birthday parties somewhere where noise won’t be an issue and where the kids can find plenty to keep them entertained. That’s why our boys have had many birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese’s! It’s the perfect location for both the kids and the parents. While the kids play their games, the adults get to take a few minutes to sit down and chat – something we so rarely get to do! Stress Free Birthday Party Planning - Let Chuck E. Cheese Do all the Work! ad We are able to relax in part because of Chuck E. Cheese’s Kid Check®. Every child’s hand is stamped upon entering, and they can’t leave without checking out. We still keep an eye on them, but it’s an added layer of security that helps take some of the stress out of the day. Chuck E. Cheese’s provides a party host that helps with the planning and then makes sure everything goes smoothly on the day of the party. Plus they supply the birthday child with his/her choice of party outfits: Superhero, Princess or Chuck E. T-shirt. Stress Free Birthday Party Planning - Let Chuck E. Cheese Do all the Work! ad There are three party packages so you can find one that fits your budget.  All of the parties include two pieces of pizza and a drink for the kids as well as ticket vouchers. The Star package currently includes 30 ticket vouchers. For a bit more, the Super Star package includes larger drinks and 15 additional gaming vouchers for the kids. The Mega Super Star Birthday package ups the game ticket vouchers to 60 per child and adds a themed goodie bag for every child plus ice cream. The birthday child receives 1000 game tickets and superhero or princess wristband with the Super Star package and all those PLUS a pull-string Pinata that’s loaded with 40 tokens and 400 tickets in the Mega Super Star Birthday! Stress Free Birthday Party Planning - Let Chuck E. Cheese Do all the Work! ad Parties are scheduled for two hours which is plenty of time for fun, food, and presents. Kids and parents alike will enjoy the games, and there’s free WiFi and adult-friendly food like BBQ Chicken or Italian Sub Ciabattas, Chicken Caesar Wrap, and a garden-fresh salad bar. But the best part of a Chuck E. Cheese’s birthday party is that there’s no setup or cleanup – it’s a stress-free way of celebrating a birthday!

Chuck E. Cheese’s: Play Games at Home & Earn Tickets!

Now you can even earn tickets from home! Visit the Chuck E. Cheese’s website and play free online games like Skee-Ball®, Chuck E. Blocks®, Chuck E. Rocks, and Ticket Blaster® or download the free app and play on your mobile device. Find out more & connect with Chuck E. Cheese’s on Twitter and Instagram

Let your child have the birthday party that kids love, but give yourself a break and let Chuck E. Cheese’s do the work for you! Do you have a favorite Chuck E. Cheese’s memory?

Photo Credits: Chuck E. Cheese’s  – used with permission.

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