Click n Curl provided product to facilitate this review; however, all opinions are my own.

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I get tired of washing my hair every day; I admit it. Since I work from home, it’s not a big deal to go a day between washings, but now and then I have to make an unscheduled trip out of the house, and I panic a bit that my hair looks flat and lifeless.

I’ve tried lots of different ways to add a little body and bring it back under control, but most options leave my hair too curled – it fights the curl and wants to be straight – so it ends up looking a mess in no time.

Before- Click n Curl - ad

Day old hair – before Click n Curl


But I finally found a way to give myself a dry blowout at home that gives me a little lift and curl in about 10 minutes. I used Click n Curl on my dry hair by rolling sections onto the curlers, heating them with my hair dryer, and then allowing them to cool in place. It couldn’t have been easier.

After - Click n Curl - ad

After a dry blowout with Click n Curl

I purposely chose rollers nearly too large for my hair to keep it from going too far into the curl zone. Click n Curl brushes are available in three sizes – small for hair 4-7″ long, medium for 7-11″ long hair, and large for hair 7-11″ long. The rollers are color coordinated so you can tell at a glance what size you’re using. I put the medium purple rollers on the sides and top of my head and the large blue rollers in the back. Having two sets of rollers gives me a lot of options on how to set my hair.

Curlers - - Click n Curl - ad

While I did a dry blowout, Click n Curl can also be used on wet hair! Dry each section separately like you would with any round brush and when that section is completely dry, wind the roller up, set it in place, and remove the handle. Leave the roller in until the hair is completely cool to set your curl.

Click n Curl Large Roller and Handle - ad

Click n Curl Connector - ad

What makes the Click n Curl system unique is that the handle fits all three sizes of brush rollers. It’s just a “click” to connect the roller and a quick button push to release it. Unlike most round brushes, I’ve not gotten this one stuck in my hair. The bristles are short enough to prevent tangling, but long enough to have the roller grip and stay put. Oh sure, if you move your head too much or don’t get them tightened down, then can loosen and even fall out, but once you get the hang of pressing them down while rolling them up, that stops being a problem. If your hair is on the long end of the curler’s capacity, you can always use a clip to hold it in place. The Click n Curl brush is also vented to speed up drying, and it’s super lightweight.

Large Roller - Click n Curl - ad

The Click n Curl handle and brushes are easy to pack, there’s a travel version available or purchase the travel bag and take your home set with you. These will be going with me on my next trip! Until then, they’re my new favorite styling tool, I’m loving the options they give me in drying and styling my hair.

After - Click n Curl - ad

Body, curl & shine with Click n Curl – dry blowout on day old hair.

Where to Buy Click n Curl

You can purchase a Click n Curl set on their website. They ship to the US and internationally. If you’re in the UK, visit In the US, you can order online at or use their store locator page to find a salon near you that sells the sets.

Medium Purple Rollers - Click n Curl - ad

There are plenty of sets to choose from, or you can build your own custom set. You can also purchase a replacement or extra universal handle, a travel bag,  or single Click n Curl brushes. Be sure to check ou their “What Size Click n Curl Do I Need Quiz” to make sure you order the right size for your hair and desired outcome.

Connect with Click n Curl Online

You’ll find them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+.

Click n Curl sets make a great gift – who do you know who’d love the hair styling versatility they offer?