I participated in an Ambassador Activation on behalf of Influence Central for WaterWipes. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Raising two kids is hard. I never expected to find out that balancing my time and attention between two little people would be so demanding. Now that my younger son is closer to preschool than toddler-hood, conflict between my two boys has exponentially increased. I feel like I’m constantly playing referee with little time to actually play and have fun with them. But when my older son goes to kindergarten, it’s just me and the little guy — and that one-on-one bonding time has been great for our relationship. We play Legos, he tells me about his favorite superheroes, and I don’t have to referee a thing.

Quality time with kids

I’ve loved being part of the WaterWipes community these past few months as an official ambassador for their products. When they encouraged us to “change the conversation” we have with our kids I knew I wanted to focus on my two year old. So much of my day is spent worrying about whether I’m doing enough: Am I feeding them enough healthy food? Am I teaching them how to get along with each other? Am I protecting them from enough harmful substances and situations? Sometimes I forget to just have fun. I felt a lot more carefree with my first son because he was all I had to worry about at the time. Now, my second son gets the shaft once in a while because I feel stretched too thin.

Moms need quality time too!

Motherhood Mishaps

Any of this sound familiar? Then you might relate well to me and other WaterWipes moms, who want the very best for their little ones. Especially when it comes to choosing less chemicals for their sensitive bodies. WaterWipes put together a little video featuring some of their ambassadors (see if you can spot me!), talking about the fun and messy and crazy moments of motherhood. It’s a wild ride as a mom, that’s for sure!

Here’s the video:


We love that WaterWipes contain only two ingredients — purified water and less than 1% grapefruit seed extract — to provide a chemical free, wholesome and clean alternative to baby wipes. Everything from eczema, diaper rashes and sensitive skin can be helped with these strong, safe wipes.

Chemical free WaterWipes

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