Blue Goji provided a Goji Play 2.0 game system to facilitate this review; however, all opinions are my own and are based on my experience. #GetUpAndGojiPlay #GetEmOffTheCouch

Goji Play 2: A Game System That Requires You To Exercise! #GetUpAndGojiPlay #GetEmOffTheCouch ad

Get ’em up off the couch! Finally, a video game that requires you to move when you play!

I am not a gamer. Oh sure, now and then I’ll play a word game online, but I’ve never been one to sit down with a game system and spend hours racing or looking for treasure. At least, that was until last week when I was introduced to Goji Play 2.0 by Blue Goji®. What makes this system different is that it requires me to be active to work. Instead of sitting motionless in front of a TV, with Goji Play 2.0, I am strapped into my exercise bike and the harder I ride, the faster my player moves.

Racing Game - Goji Play 2: A Game System That Requires You To Exercise! #GetUpAndGojiPlay #GetEmOffTheCouch ad

This new system was released just in time for the 2015 holiday season, and it’s a game system that’s perfect for the family – ages 6 to adult – and all fitness levels. It’s a great way to get kids off the couch and on the treadmill or stationary bike by challenging them to beat your score – that’s a win/win because you get a chance to move more, too! The system is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile systems and can be used on just about any cardio fitness machine.

Right controller - Goji Play 2: A Game System That Requires You To Exercise! #GetUpAndGojiPlay #GetEmOffTheCouch ad

The Goji Play 2 includes two portable controllers and two foam batons and is paired with your compatible smartphone or tablet to play free games available in the Google Play or Apple App Store. There are six that were released with the system including racing, arcade, and action games, but puzzles, trivia, and more are coming soon. The current games are Speedbump, Super Moto X, Spin or Die, Smash the Blocks, Fisticuffs, and Kreature Krunch.

Each of the games works as a distraction-based workout so your 30-minute gym session can feel like five! When combining the games with cardio, it gives your mind something to focus on which makes it an overall more enjoyable experience.

Expert Holly Homer is sharing ways to use Goji Play 2 to get kids ages 6+ moving – check out her hints and tips plus fun activities to get you started.

Setting up the Goji Play 2

Download the free app to your mobile device and then the games. Open the app and follow the instructions. First you’ll set up an account on GojiVerse™, the online portal where you can collaborate with friends and family, join teams, and provide support and encouragement for each other.  Then you’ll sync your controllers to the app and then you’re ready to play.

Need help with the setup, registration, or synching process for your Goji 2.0? Visit the Blue Goji online help website that includes a details FAQ and a “Getting Started” video.

Goji Play 2: A Game System That Requires You To Exercise! #GetUpAndGojiPlay #GetEmOffTheCouch ad

Next you “install” the gaming buttons on your fitness equipment. They’re attached with strong magnets, so they stay put. Where you put them depends on how your machine operates. Follow the directions for placement for your particular piece of cardio equipment. Once in place, turn the game controllers on, start up the software, pick your game, and start playing as you walk or peddle.

There are several games that make you move! Spin or Die and Kreature Krunch are two that reward vigorous workouts with more speed in the game. Slow down too much and Kreatre Krunch will let you know you’re going too slowly, and it will tell you to accelerate your pace with some cheeky text that encourages you to go all out.

The system uses sensors in the controllers to sense your motion, but on exercise bikes like mine with stationary handles, it uses your device’s front camera to “see” your efforts. You can also send snapshots of your high score and other “moments” to your friends and family or information on your “health,” which are your stats. Or track them on your own – it’s a flexible system that lets you decide if you want to be social or not.

Controller - Goji Play 2: A Game System That Requires You To Exercise! #GetUpAndGojiPlay #GetEmOffTheCouch ad

I get so into the games that the time truly does go by faster. Sure, I still suck at video games, and I’m always hitting the wrong buttons because I can’t remember which one makes my player go left and right and which sends up him or down, but that’s half of the fun for me. I’m not a serious gamer, but these games get my pulse racing, and I have to remember not to hold my breath – I get so determined to get my player where I want him to go I forget to breathe!!

Where to Buy Goji Play 2.0

Goji Play 2 retails for around $119 and can be purchased at During the month of December, they’re offering free shipping on all Goji Play 2 orders shipped to addresses within the continental US. Plus get $10 off with my unique discount code.

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For more information, please visit or email [email protected].

Who’s on your holiday gift list that would love to have fun and exercise more?

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