TriDerma MD provided samples to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

I’ve been using ProActive for a few months now, and while I like the product, I HATE their ordering process, but I hadn’t found a product that worked as well until now. I recently received several TriDerma MD skincare products to use and among them were several items for older women like myself and I’ve been blown away by how well they work.

But before I tell you more about my two new must-have facial products, let me tell you about the entire line of TriDerma products and what makes them different.

TriDerma: Aloe Vera is What Makes it Special

TriDerma® MD creates their formulas with Aloe barbadenis, the finest grade Aloe Vera species. It’s a pure form of Aloe Vera they blend into their  AP4® Genuine Virgin Organic Aloe Complex, the key ingredient in every one of their products. This Complex has been proven to speed healing with the 200+ natural healing properties. Additionally, their formula contains no cortisones, parabens, steroids, fragrance, or artificial dyes.

You can safely use their skin care on sunburn, razor burn, skin irritation, abrasions, acne, Rosacea, acne, and more. This is the perfect skin healing moisturizer for delicate, sensitive or oily skin to nourish and heal. It can be used for blemishes, teenage or adult acne, razor burn, hormonal breakouts or for use after skin resurfacing procedures. It is a light-weight moisturizer that leaves your skin silky soft throughout the day and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It’s natural anti-inflammatory and natural anti-bacterial properties help fight bacteria to improve skin tone, moisturize and help control oil production to leave skin silky soft.

My Favorite Skin Care Products

TriDerma Last Sensitive Skin Healing Cream TriDerma MD: Organic Skin Care for Mom and Baby (Grandma too!) @TriDerma ad

This scent-free, moisturizer is thick and creamy, but so lightweight! It absorbs instantly and leaves skin feeling clean and moisturized, not oily. It has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to keep bacteria tamed for fewer breakouts. It’s the perfect moisturizer that provides nourishment and healing in a silky smooth formula.

TriDerma Last Sensitive Skin Healing Cream

Spot & Wrinkle Erasing Scrub™

TriDerma Spot Wrinkle Remover
This little miracle worker is an anti-aging scrub that contains tiny little Precision Diamond Cut Crystals that gently exfoliate dead skin cells to help stimulate collagen, clear pores to prevent blemishes, remove dead skin to keep ingrown hairs at bay, plus it diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,  erases large pores, helps flatten the look of acne scars,  and corrects uneven skin tone. Also use it on your hands, chest or back to help with sun spots, age spots or acne scars. Scent free and the perfect exfoliant.

TriDerma Spot Wrinkle Closeup

TriDerma Baby Products

I’m so in love with the products I’ve tried that I can’t wait to use these baby products on my new granddaughter when she’s born in March. I feel confident they’re safe enough for her, and they’ll provide her with skin calming care should she get a diaper rash or other irritation.

Severe “Stubborn” Diaper Rash Fast Healing Cream™

This is a multi-purpose healing cream works via its highly concentrated levels of organic ingredients. It provides soothing relief on contact for irritated skin and even helps heal the most stubborn diaper rashes. If my granddaughter is like her father, she’ll be prone to them when her diet is changed, she takes medication, especially antibiotics, or when she spends too long in her soiled diaper over night. Waking up with a screaming red bottom can make for a miserable start to the day! In fact, TriDerma MD Baby suggest using it daily to prevent a diaper rash instead of treating it after the fact. It’s available it sizes perfect for home, the diaper bag, and even a tiny size ready for travel. TriDerma MD Baby Severe Diaper Rash Fast Healing Cream is recommended by Doctors and Pediatricians.

TriDerma Baby Severe Diaper Rash Cream

Eczema Itch & Dryness Fast Healing Cream™

My son suffered from Eczema most of his life, but more so as an infant. We tried everything to provide soothing for his delicate skin. It was itchy, painful, and bloody at times as his patches became larger and larger. But his daughter will have TriDerma Baby in the event she has Eczema, rashes, or dry skin. This Fast Healing Cream contains natural botanicals which help to heal and maintain baby’s healthy skin without using harmful cortisone, steroids, or parabens. It’s recommended by Pediatricians and available in multiple sizes.

TriDerma Eczema Itch Dry Skin for Babies

TriDerma MD Baby: Daily Healing Moisturizer™

Babies will enjoy this pure and delicate healing lotion which provides everyday moisture plus skin protection starting at birth. Formulated to keep baby’s skin hydrated and soft, while soothing and aiding fast healing of minor skin irritations, dry skin, cradle cap, and dry spots.

TriDerma Baby Daily Moisturizer

TriDerma sells many more skin care products for mom, dad, and baby.

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