Trudeau provided a few stocking stuffers to facilitate this review; however, all opinions are my own.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the wine lover, cook, or baker - ad

Looking for some practical stocking stuffers for the wine lover, baker, or foodie on your list? Check out It’s a Montreal, Canada-based marketer and designer of innovative and creative products for the home. Their designs are created with an eye towards functionality and modern designs.

Here are some of our favorite Stocking Stuffers from Trudeau:

Set of Five Star Cookie Cutters

You’ll use these cookie cutters long after the holidays are over. They’re perfect for rolled sugar cookies, of course, but use them for fondant, pastries, fancy sandwiches, shortbread cookies, or to create decorative fruit slices. Made from stainless steel, this all-star gift pack of 5 cookie cutters, are made to last, plus the cutters nest together for compact storage.  SRP $11.99

Stainless Steel Cookie Cutters - 5 stars - ad

Daisy Wine Charms

These are unique wine charms! The bouquet of flowers is made from durable silicone which wrap around the stem of your glass. The flowers come in multiple colors so you can differentiate one guest’s wine glass from another. When not in use, the Daisy Wine Charms can be tied together with one stem and placed in a vase for decorative storage.  Comes packaged in playful gift box set. SRP $11.99
Daisy Wine Charms - silicone flowers that wrap around the stem - ad

International Wine Charms

Your favorite world traveler will love these International Wine Charms. They lend a sophisticated touch and are great conversation starters, especially if the traveler has visited all of these regions. The charms represent five of the finest wine regions including France, Italy, Australia, Argentina, and California. The sixth charm represents the world of wines. The charms are stainless steel with a soft-touch backing to protect your delicate glassware. SRP $11.99

International Wine Charms - featuring the 5 best wine regions in the world - ad
Flex Pot Clips

This kitchen product is one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  The Flex Pot Clip clips onto the side of your pan to hold your spoon or spatula. It drips back into the pan instead of onto your stove Plus it eliminates the need for a spoon rest. The heat-resistant silicone and stainless steel also provide protection for your pot and keeps the utensils from slipping down into the liquid. These will be very useful for candy making! Choose from red, blue, and green. SRP: $8.99

Flex Pot Clips - keep your utensils from falling into the pot - ad

Zest Grater

Citrus zest can bring a spark to your favorite beverage or baking. Use this handy zester with the retractable handle which is also its protective sleeve, without worry. The blades are honed to provide the perfect angle for cutting which creates a delicate, fine zest. The zester is green and yellow. SRP $9.99

Multi-Use Tie Wraps

If you can never find a plastic twist tie when you need it, you’re not alone. But  Trudeau’s Multi-Use Tie Wraps are billed as the ultimate problem-solver sealing bags. These temperature-resistant silicon leaf-shaped ties are flexible and reusable. Wrap them around the bag opening and thread the step through the hole and pull tight. SRP: $6.99 

Tie Wraps - reusable ties for bags - ad

Universal Dripless Spout

Have you ever wished your EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) had a spout like the one the TV chef’s use? Now you can do it with this amazing Universal Dripless Spout. It gives you a clean pour from any bottle! It’s 100% dripless which means both your bottle and your hands stay clean and oil free. The graduated silicone stopper fits most bottle sizes and includes a cap for storage.   5-year warranty. SRP$11.99

Dripless Spout for olive oil, dressing, and more - ad

Where to Buy

These are just a few of the hundreds of items available for your kitchen, bar, and home including mills, gadgets, and on the go items. Trudeau products can be found in over 60 countries including the US. You’ll find them in better housewares, specialty, and department stores.

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