Knack  allowed me to create this personalized gift to facilitate this review; however, all opinions are my own.

Create a Pinterest-Worthy Personalized Gift with Knack - Create custom, unique gifts from over 1200 artisan products. From care packages to premium corporate gifts - ad

Knack is an online gift solution that promises to create Pinterest-worthy gifts you’ll be proud to give. This Seattle-based company’s goal is to provide gifts that you can’t wait to give. They’ve assembled creative brands and artisan products that customers and gift recipients can feel connected to by providing a custom Knackbook which provides a brief description of the creator and the products.

This modern approach to gift giving let you choose the products and they artfully package them and then sent them directly to the recipient or to you to deliver. Plus they’ve made it easy to create group gifts by allowing you to invite others to make suggestions and choose items as well as signing the card and splitting the bill.

Create a Pinterest-Worthy Personalized Gift: Creating a Knack

Making a Knack is easy and fun. Choose your container and then fill it with products or choose the products and then the container. The website lets you know if you if your products will fit into your container and if not, provide options that will accommodate them. There are also pre-made Knacks ready for gift-giving if time is short or if they happen to fit your recipient perfectly.

I created a Knack for my sister-in-law who’s recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. I specifically wanted organic products so I did a site search for any products in that category. I also wanted products that promoted peace, relaxation, and things to take her mind off of her disease.

Create a Pinterest-Worthy Personalized Gift with Knack - Create custom, unique gifts from over 1200 artisan products. From care packages to premium corporate gifts - ad

I quickly scanned through the descriptions and when necessary, visited the product’s website for more detailed information on ingredients. I discovered several great artisan producers I’d never come across before.  I did notice that I was paying a few dollars more for their products on Knack, but the convenience of having a large selection of products from many different manufacturers, plus the personal touch of the gift being arranged and shipped, made it worth it.

Create a Pinterest-Worthy Personalized Gift with Knack ad

They carry more than 1000 products to choose from. They’ve created gift suggestions for teachers, the babysitter, the biker, the SeaHawks fan, hostess gifts, gifts for baby, mom, college students (Buzz Through Finals is one of my favorites), and more. Plus you can add a Visa Gift Card to any gift.  There’s everything from food to fashion, toys for kids, Seattle favorites, and more. Start with one of these and add your own touches or start from a blank canvas.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The products change often and I do with they had more to choose from in the organic range, especially in chocolates or other treats, but I’m sure if others start asking for them, they’ll add them.

Since my Knack was shipped directly to my sister-in-law, the kind folks who created it snapped the photo so I could see what it looked like. Their site is filled with fantastic examples of their work and they achieved their goal – I’m proud to give this gift to my very deserving sister-in-law whom I also consider a friend. I hope it brings her many hours of peace and relaxation as she goes to battle against cancer.

Who do you know who’s day could be made better by receiving a Knack?

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