Viactiv Calcium Plus D Chews - Pregnant? Protect Your Calcium Stores with Viactiv Chews #BeActiv ad

It’s no secret that women need calcium to keep our bones healthy, but the vast majority (about 68%) of us do not get enough. It’s even more critical that pregnant women get sufficient amounts of this nutrient because the child they’re growing needs calcium to develop healthy teeth, bones, nerves, muscles and a healthy heart.

But what if mom doesn’t make sure she’s getting the 1000 mg of calcium every day that’s recommended for pregnant women? Mother Nature provides for the baby by taking the calcium it needs from mom’s bones. That can lead to health problems for her later in life.

Pregnant? Protect Your Calcium Stores with Viactiv Chews - 5 Nutrients you need During Pregnancy #BeActiv ad

It’s been nearly 30 years since I was pregnant, but I remember well there were so many things to worry about, but getting enough calcium doesn’t have to be one of them. By adding, Viactiv® Calcium Soft Chews, the #1 doctor-recommended calcium supplement chew, to a healthy diet, mom can get enough calcium for both her growing baby and herself. These easy to take chewable calcium supplements are tasty. Many moms think their prenatal vitamin covers their calcium needs. Surprisingly, many only provide 20-30% of the daily recommended amount. Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews provide 500 mg of calcium and 500 IU of Vitamin D, and when taken twice daily as recommended, they provide 100% of a women’s daily value. They also provide vitamin D and vitamin K.

Viactiv Calcium Chews - Chocolate & Caramel - Pregnant? Protect Your Calcium Stores with Viactiv Chews #BeActiv ad

Not pregnant but want to be sure you’re getting enough calcium to keep your bone density intact? Find out your calcium requirements by stage/age: Knowing what your requirements are is the first step in adding calcium-rich food and supplements to your wellness routine.

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