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Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription - Lightroom & Photoshop for one year - just $119 ad
I remember the days when I had to spend hundreds of dollars every year on software. What a huge expense it was. Like most people, I’d try to save money by attempting to skip a few updates, but by doing that I was missing out on functionally and features that would probably have saved me time.
But now I rent most of my computer’s software through online subscriptions. Purchasing a subscription gives me the ability to use them on whatever computer I’m using at the moment. As a work-from-home self-employed blogger, I sometimes use a desktop and other times use a laptop, it depends on where I’m working and what I’m working on. Subscription services allow me to use my account from either location so there’s no need to purchase additional licenses and that saves me a lot of money.
One of the subscription services I use is Adobe Creative Cloud Photography software. With a one-year subscription, I get access to their enhanced photo editing software from any compatible device. That allows me to create on the road, at home, or even the local coffee shop.
You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy the features of the Adobe Photo Editing Software. If you enjoy editing your photos and want real creative choices, then you’ll love how these tools can help you take a ho-hum photo and make it fabulous.
The  Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan includes Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC as well as smartphone and tablet apps Adobe Voice, Lightroom Mobile, and Adobe Slate. These mobile apps allow you to create animated videos, web galleries, and more.
Take your best shot and make it even better with the Creative Cloud Photography plan.
Your work is automatically updated and synced via Adobe CreativeSync technology, so you never have to worry about losing changes or saving different versions to multiple devices. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that!  You have one file that’s accessed from any compatible device.

Adobe Lightroom CC Features

Adobe Lightroom CC has got some fantastic features. My favorite is that it groups photos by faces. No more searching for that photo of my son, I click on his face and it shows me all of the photos with him in it. Sure, it sometimes identifies my husband as my son, but that’s because they look a lot alike. It’s still better than manually searching or adding meta tags to each photo – that’s never going to happen.
It also lets you  remove distracting objects from your photos.  Remove the flyaway hair that makes it look like you have horns or the kid next door who’s making faces in the background of your group photo.  It straightens images quickly and it lets you experiment all you like without worrying about losing the original format of the photo.

Adobe Photoshop CC Features

The other component is Adobe Photoshop CC. This is the where the magic happens. You can resurrect almost any photo with the tools available. Correct the exposure, color, contrast, tone, and more. Sharpen or blur, warp, or add filters to add texture, patterns, and more.

Cost & Where to Buy

What’s the cost for this fabulous Adobe Creative Cloud Photography software? Just $119.99 a year. That includes any upgrades that are released while you’re subscribed.
The subscription can be purchased from Best Buy, and it’s an excellent gift for any amateur photographer or filmmaker.