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Because Cramped Conditions - Wellness Plan: Reduce Stress and Pain with Massage #BecauseMoment #IC #ad

Life is stressful. I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t agree. But it’s how we react to stress that is the key on whether or not we deal with it in a healthy way. Or bodies are constantly being bombarded by the chemicals our brain releases when it’s struggling, and we feel that through physical pain. A backache after being squashed into too-small airplane seats. A headache when dealing with kids who are failing to follow our instructions, or a neck ache after spending too many hours in a frustrating meeting at work.

They are plenty of unhealthy ways to deal with the pain caused by stress, but skip those and try healthier ways. Meditation, relaxation, and massage are three ways to beat the stress caused by everyday life. All of them require you to stop for a few minutes and put your mind and body into focus. It’s like a quick tune-up that helps you get everything into perspective, and when you’re relaxed and pain-free, everything seems easier to deal with.

A good massage can do wonders for the mind, body, and soul. It’s time to stop thinking of them as a splurge; they’re a necessary part of your stress-reduction wellness plan. Not only can a massage relax stiff muscles, but it can also cause your brain to release chemicals that may make you feel calmer and more at peace. It can also improve your circulation and lower your blood pressure – it’s a natural way to deal with the anxiety caused by life.

Having access to affordable massages is key. Massage Envy has locations throughout the US. They offer options for Total Body Care that won’t break your budget. They employ professional massage therapists who provide a variety of choices so you can find the right type for you.

Massage because DIY - Wellness Plan: Reduce Stress and Pain with Massage #BecauseMoment #IC #ad

Massage Envy offers Eight Different Types of Massage:

Because one massage doesn’t fit all. I get massages because I have chronic pain and stress.

  • Trigger Point Therapy – Designed for managing pain from chronic injuries. It works to relief specific areas with isolated pressure and release.
  • Swedish Massage – a light to medium pressure massage meant to improve your circulation and lymph movement. Great for stress-related conditions as well as chronic pain.
  • Deep Tissue Massage – This is my personal massage and not one I’d recommend for a first timer. It releases muscle tension, provides deep pain relief, loosens scar tissue, lengthens muscles, and is perfect for chronic and overuse injuries. The key for me to this massage is relaxation breathing before and during – that allows the masseuse to go deep without causing any pain.
  • Sports Massage – promotes flexibility to decrease the risk of injury, works to improve endurance, and reduces post-workout recovery time.
  • Reflexology – provides restorative relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, and work especially well for relieving toe and ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, and common forms of arthritis pain.

New to Massage? What to Expect

I didn’t get my first massage until I was well into my 40’s. I had no idea what I was missing out on. Massage Envy knows there are others like me who haven’t tried it because of the unknown. They offer several helpful tips to get you started:

  • New to Massage – tips for beginners including the purpose of massage therapy and the best treatment for you
  • Your First Visit – a step-by-step guide to how massage appointments flow and what to expect
  • Massage Envy – walks you through their services

Massage Makes a Great Gift

Massage Because I am Taking Better Care of Myself - Wellness Plan: Reduce Stress and Pain with Massage #BecauseMoment #IC #ad

Give the gift of relaxation. You probably know someone who could benefit from some time focused on their health. Give them the Massage Envy Membership.  Members receive a customized 1-hour massage every month, have a chance to earn free massages and upgrades by referring friends, can add additional massages and facials at a low membership price, can rollover their unused massages, can add-on family members at a special price, and enjoy retail discounts and more. The price for the membership is $59.99 per month.

If a membership isn’t the right fit, Massage Envy also offers gift cards. These cards can be purchased online or at the store and can be redeemed on any of their services.

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