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UBERA - Can It Help My Heart Health and Brain Functions? - The perils of not being mentally focused ad I’ve been feeling older than my 54 years this last week because of a fall that resulted in a trip to the ER during my vacation in Hawaii. Who knew the amount of bodily damage falling flat on your face onto volcanic rock could cause! I have so many aches and pains that I’ve been forced to slow down, and that’s not easy for me when I have so many deadlines.

As I heal from my wounds, I’m looking for ways to restart my supplement usage. I was dedicated for a few months but I stopped filling my pill boxes, and that resulted in me pushing the supplement bottles to the back of the cupboard. I know now that to be at my peak and to help me avoid unfortunate accidents like I suffered on that beautiful beach in Hawaii, I need to refocus on my health.

UBERA – Can It Help My Heart Health and Brain Functions?

Ubera Supplements for mind and body I’ll be restarting the vitamins and minerals I was previously taking, but  I’ll also be adding UBERA® (pronounced oo-BEAR-ah) to my daily regime. Their herbal formula includes Hawthorn, Ginkgo, and Kudzu to support blood flow and to help sharpen and improve my memory. 

Perhaps if I’d have been taking the UBERA®, I wouldn’t have made the poor decision to use a pseudo staircase made out of lava rocks to reach the beach. It’s possible it would have given me the ability to concentrate and reason that there must be a more appropriate access point for the beach (which, of course, there was). With that mental clarity and focus, I could have saved myself an expensive trip to the ER.

But even if I still made the poor choice to attempt those steps, UBERA® may have given me the physical strength to weather my fall better. I may have bounced back quicker and spent fewer days tired and in pain. We’ll never know if UBERA® could have helped prevent me from making such a silly mistake, but I’m going to start taking it to find out just what it can do for my mind and body. I’m willing to give it a go because it’s an all-natural product that’s made in the US. Plus it’s vegan and as a vegetarian that’s important to me. Granted, I wish they’d skip the artificial colors, and someday I hope that that’s the standard, but that’s a minor complaint. UBERA Supplement Facts


I’ll take UBERA®  for a week or two and then do a video update on how I’m feeling and what changes I’ve experienced because of it. Once I’m solidly on board with it, I’ll add back those other supplements I’ve let slide. I’m positive this tumble is my body’s way of pointing out that I’m not taking adequate care of it, and it’s time to set aside the time to do just that. I’ll be seeing a specialist for my torn ligament and there’s a chance this fall could cause me pain for some time to come. How I wish I could go back and do over that decision to take that step down onto the beach.

Could you benefit from the improved cognitive function, blood circulation, and memory improvement too?

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