A red dress is perfect for the holidays, but it’s also a dress you’ll be able to wear year round. What makes these 40 dresses special is they’re custom made-to-order without the usual high-ticket prices. You can customize most of them by changing the sleeve, neckline, length and more. You can begin with their standard sizes or provide your measurements for a custm fit.

We had three of them made for us and the sewing is impeccable. They created a longer torso and lengthened skirt for a perfect fit. For this plus size and tall women, that’s a dream come true!

To find out what style options are available for each dress, visit the website. You’ll find the sleeve, neckline, and length options available. There are some limitations based on fabric and style, but the majority are completely customizable. All this and most are less than $100 even with all of the alterations!

Red is always a fun and festive color and it’s easy to style with so many other colors through accessories and shoes. These are the just some of the red dresses available, there are plenty of others in the wine, cherry, and pink ranges. Some are color block and others are prints. They also make black, white, blue, green dresses, and of course, plenty of prints.

20 Red Dresses You Can Customize – Standard and Plus Sizes

What’s your holiday style? Would a custom made red dress fit your needs?

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