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Simplicam By Closelli: What We Love and Where it Falls Short

Simplicam By Closelli: A Look at this Elegant Little Camera

Leaving home for any amount of time can be a little nerve-wracking. So many what-ifs and insecurities often pop up in those last few minutes before you walk out the door: What if the dog gets lonely and starts howling? What if someone tries to break in? Did someone just leave a package on the doorstep?

Knowing what’s going on at home even when you’re not there can alleviate a lot of fears. Having an excellent security camera can help, and Simplicam is an easy-to-use system that monitors your home and alerts you to noises or movement.

Simplicam makes connecting with your home while you’re away easier than ever before. With any easy setup, that doesn’t require messing around with your computer, this is one home monitoring solution almost anyone can connect. Simply install the free Closeli app on your compatible device, create your account, add your Wi-Fi credentials and boom, you’re done, and all setup.

Simplicam By Closelli: What We Love and Where it Falls Short

The Simplicam also comes with the capability to monitor up to several rooms at once with additional cameras. Whether you need a monitor set up in your room, your living room or even your office, you can connect and bring up the feed anywhere you go, in HD, on your smartphone, computer or tablet. Your Simplicam is also customizable, meaning you can choose which alerts you want to receive. You set your schedule, personalize your notifications and detection zones, and even turn your camera on/off from the app – that’s pretty neat.

Want to communicate one-on-one with your spouse, children or pet? The Simplicam allows you to do that too! It enables you to visually and audibly monitor the room from any connected device.

Welcoming the Simplicam System into your home is affordable, easy and will bring peace of mind to you and your family. All that’s required to get started is a compatible device and a wi-fi connection, and you can set up your security camera in just minutes.

Simplicam By Closelli: What We Love and Where it Falls Short

Simplicam By Closelli: What We Love and Where it Falls Short

The picture quality in bright light is fantastic. With streaming 720p HD video, it’s bright and clear. It switches automatically to night vision and provides a well-balanced picture in this mode as well. The camera design makes it easy to mount and aim in almost any situation.

The downside of Simplicam? You need to purchase a Closeli Recording Service subscription to make use of its video recording ability and advanced features like Face Recognition (in beta). Said to recognize up to ten people, it can notify who just arrived home or if a stranger has approached the house. Plans start at $49.99 a year and go up to $229.99. Each Simplicam camera requires its own subscription so multiple cameras can get pricey. Without the subscription, you can monitor the camera live, get alerts, and take live snapshots, but you won’t be able to record, store, or share video.

Simplicam By Closelli What We Love and Where it Falls Short - ad

The cost of the subscription is too steep compared to other cameras on the market. I’d love to see them bring that price down to a more reasonable amount. Until then, it works as a supplemental camera with 2-way communication that allows me to quiet my dogs, talk to someone at the front door, and soon monitor my grandchild while he/she sleeps.

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