Many companies offer special deals, discounts, and charitable donations for purchases made during the holidays. We’re compiling a list of the best ones for 2015. We\’ll be updating this list throughout the holiday season so please bookmark this page and check back often to see how making a holiday purchase for someone you love can help others.

2015 Holiday Purchases That Benefits Those in Need

Holiday Gifts that Give Back: Bears for Humanity

When you buy one of these adorable organic teddy bears, one is given to charity! Find out more about Bears for Humanity and where to purchase them here.

Holiday Gifts that Give back – Thrive Causemetics

Thrive Causemetics guarantees their unique eyeliner, brow liner, eyelashes, and adhesives are formulas paraben-, sulfate-, and latex-free. Order any of the Thrive beauty products and they’ll donate the SAME PRODUCT to a woman fighting cancer. Here’s a chance to try new cosmetics while doing good! Plus, use this link and GET $10 OFF YOUR THRIVE CAUSEMETICS ORDER!Holiday Gifts that Giveback - Merry Maker Lash Trio and Adhesive

Merry Maker Lash Trio and Adhesive – a fully customizable Vegan Silk™ false eyelash trio. Choose your favorite combination of falsies and transform your eyes with an instant lash boost whether you have them or not.

5 Infinity Waterproof Eyeliners™, 2 shades of the browliners, 3 different faux lash styles, and a tube of their best-selling Infinity Lash Adhesive - Thrive 5 Eyeliner Set - Causemetics Cosmetics

Santa’s Helper Infinity Eyeliner Pro Set -This LIMITED EDITION set features all five of the Thrive Infinity Waterproof Eyeliners™: Hoda (Slate Grey Matte), Giuliana (Plum Shimmer), Talia (Navy Matte), Lauren (Black Matte), and Ella (Brown Matte).

5 Infinity Waterproof Eyeliners™, 2 shades of the browliners, 3 different faux lash styles, and a tube of their best-selling Infinity Lash Adhesive - Thrive Santa Gift Set

Here Comes Santa Claus Blockbuster Set – The LIMITED EDITION set contains $250 in products for just $150 so you can afford to spoil yourself! The set includes 5 Infinity Waterproof Eyeliners™, two shades of brow liners, three different faux lash styles, and a tube of Infinity Lash Adhesive™.

Find out more about Thrive Causemetics and connect online via Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Family to Family Giving

Family-to-Family (F-to-F) is national hunger and poverty relief organization that’s dedicated itself to connecting families with enough to share with impoverished American families with profoundly less. Their one-to-one program creates a bridge between those communities who have “more” with some of our country’s poorest areas. F-to-F is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit who needs support year round. The following projects would be a great way for your family to give back as a group. Check out F-to-F’s financials on and Follow them on Twitter.


Email your zip code to F-to-F and they’ll provide you with the info you need to shop for your adopted family. They’ll also provide a drop-off address which is generally a shelter or other organization in your area that serves families in need where you can leave your unwrapped gifts as well as wrapping paper and tape.  Kids love shopping for other kids, so this family activity will be a way for your child to share empathy for others. Think you can’t afford to give? Ask your children if they’ll “give up” one gift for a needy family. Most will!


A year of giving projects for a group, family, school, etc.

A year of giving projects for a group, family, school, etc.

There are 12 different creative projects, one for each month, plus an organized timeline. This calendar of charitable opportunities gives families, schools, or groups a way to spend a few minutes each month helping those in need. Projects include The Birthday Giving Project to provide gifts for children without, Best Dressed Babes recycles gently used and outgrown party clothes for girls and boys ages 2-18 and One Book At A Time gives you the chance to sponsor a child with one book a month to feed their hungry mind.


Stuff a Christmas Stocking for an Adult or Child in Need

A fun and easy way to share a bit of holiday cheer for those who cannot easily afford gifts, this program asks donors to stuff a stocking with essentials as well as some fun gifts that those struggling in poverty are unable to afford. When your stocking is stuffed, email [email protected] and they’ll connect you with a local shelter where you can donate your stocking. If one is not nearby, they can provide a shipping address as well. There are suggestions on what include on their Stuff a Stocking for charity page for both kids and adults.


Looking for a creative and socially conscious gift for the holidays? Choose one of several campaigns that can be purchased to give “the gift of giving.” Choose to give to wherever the need is greatest for any dollar amount or one of these predetermined options -Hunger Hurts, A Birthday Party in a Box, or a Victory Garden. For as little as $25, your can gift a birthday box filled with everything needed for a small birthday party. F-to-F has sent thousands of these boxes to happy children all over the US.
Family to Family Victory Garden Project - Donate $100 to provide chickens and seeds for a family in the US
Or donate a $100 and one family will receive a Victory Garden that includes ten egg-laying chickens, chicken feed, water dispenser, vegetable seeds for two 5′ x 8′ planting beds, a set of hand tools, a case of jars, and a “How to Garden” manual. Have a bit more to spend? For $420 you’ll provide seven meals a month for a year for a family of 4-6. These families are located in twenty-one sponsored communities within the US. With each of these gifts, your holiday gift recipient will receive a card letting them know you’ve donated on their behalf.

Holiday Gifts that Give Back: With My Own Two Hands

Maasai Girls - jewelry sales benefit these women and children.. Gifts that give back

Holiday Gifts that Give Back – WMO2H Jewelry Collection

WMO2H Warrior Collection - Gifts that give back

Inspired by the courageous Maasai women and girls who have been saved by the rescue, the WMO2H Warrior Collection provides education and support. The collection includes the Warrior Necklace ($60) and Warrior Bracelet ($65)  with 100% of proceeds benefitting the LA nonprofit With My Own Two Hands (WMO2H) and their holistic efforts.

Sponsor a Birthday Party for a Maasai Child

Gifts that give back - Your $50 donation gives an outfit including shoes and a small toy to children in need -

WMO2H’s birthday sponsorship program celebrates the birth of the Maasai children. With your $50 donation, the foundation selects out an outfit (shirt, shorts, and a pair of shoes) plus a small toy for each child as their birthday gift. The purpose is to remind the children that they are loved and cared about.

Kid’s Edun for J.Crew Africa T-shirt

Gifts that give back - J.Crew Boys Shirt - 50 of the shirts price is donated to a orphanage in Africa - the star on the shirt is where its located

Fifty percent of the proceeds from the sale of Kid’s Edun for J.Crew Africa T-Shirt are donated to St. Ann’s Orphanage in Gilgil, Kenya. The t-shirt is made entirely in Kenya and is available for girls and boys ($44).   You can see the orphanage’s exact location on the map on this T-shirt—just look for the star.

Holiday Gifts that Give Back – World Vision

Choose from a handcrafted gift or give a direct donation to purchase a goat, chickens, emergency food, medicine, water, and more. Find out more about World Vision and how their gifts give back around the world and in the US.

Holiday Gifts that Give Back – Glitek Glide Boards

Buy any one of three Glitek Glide Boards (the Glide, S Glide, or X Glide) for $50 off when you use promo code FIGHTCANCER at checkout. Plus 10% of the proceeds from Glide Board sales will go to the HEADStrong Foundation. This group provides financial assistance, housing, and entertainment for cancer patients and their families in Philadelphia.

Holiday Gifts that Give Back - Purchase a Gift That Benefits Those in Need

Glide boards are commonly referred to as hoverboards, but that’s not exactly correct. They’re self-balancing electric scooters. The Glide can travel at a max speed of 12mph and can carry a weight of up to 265 pounds. The unit weighs 22 pounds, and it can run for 90-120 minutes on a charge. The S Glide has all the same features of the Glide but with the benefits of Bluetooth connectivity so you can play music while you glide. The X Glide is a heavy duty version which can carry a load of up to 330 pounds. It has larger wheels and base plus a dual 350-watt motor, a lithium-ion battery, and Bluetooth speakers, and LED lights. Prices range from $499 to $599. This offer is only available from their website and only for a limited time. Glide boards purchased elsewhere don’t trigger the donation.