Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties have been a fun way for friends to get together during the holidays for the past few years and I’ve attended many. I’ve done the stinky old sweater from the Second Hand Store and I’ve created my own by hanging holiday trim from a sweater dug out from my closet. But this year, I’ll be sporting this 3D Christmas Sweater with a large stuffed moose from


As a Park Ranger, the moose seemed an obvious choice. I can imagine the puns and bad jokes my friends and family will come up with. But while this sweater is comical, it’s a quality made sweater. Knitted from 85% acrylic and 15% wool yarn, the fit and shape are great and the pattern is well done. I chose the size Large and it’s a perfect fit.

3D Ugly Christmas Sweater: A Perfect Fit #UglyChristmasSweater @uglyxsweater

The moose is attached with long strips of Velcro loop tape and a few well-positioned safety pins. Unfortunately, once the moose is removed, the sweater cannot be worn without it because the Velcro is firmly attached to it. But, that means next year I can attach something new to the front and back of the sweater. The moose will be repurposed as a faux trophy in the playroom we’re creating for our child (due March 2016).

3D Ugly Christmas Sweater: A Perfect Fit #UglyChristmasSweater @uglyxsweater

If this 3D style doesn’t suit your style, check out the Ugly Christmas Sweater Online Store for more options.  They carry a great range of sizes – from small to 4XL. Choose from 3D sweaters, accessories, all over prints, cheap sweaters, Christmas, fun, jackets, leggings, light up sweaters, tacky sweater, and more. They’re available in men’s and women’s styles and plenty of unisex options. There are also many naughty sweaters and lots of nice as well as Dr Seuss options. My favorite is the Grinch Face Dr. Seuss Christmas Sweater.

Ugley Christmas Sweater - 3D Ugly Christmas Sweater: A Perfect Fit #UglyChristmasSweater @uglyxsweater ad

Are you a fan of Ugly Christmas Sweater parties? What will you wear this year?