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Backup Your Files Online Automatically! Safely Store Your Data! @Carbonite #Carbonite4Me #ad

I see it every day in the news and online, someone lamenting that they’ve lost everything because their laptop has been stolen, a virus has corrupted their files, or their hard drive crashed. It is far too common.  In fact, just last week, David Oh, a Seattle wedding photographer had to tell a couple that their wedding photos were gone. Kiro TV reported that “Oh had just finished editing the photos the night before and he saved them on his laptop. Then, the unthinkable happened. Thieves smashed the rear window of Oh’s SUV in broad daylight Tuesday afternoon while he was parked on 13th and Barclay near Seattle University. They took his laptop and back up external hard drives. Oh lost a lot of his work but it’s the stolen wedding pictures that bother him the most.”

Can you imagine not having photos from your wedding because your photographer didn’t take basic steps to assure your photos were safe? I can’t! But I don’t want to pick on this photographer, a similar story was posted in August when a photographer’s home studio break-in resulted in memory cards being stolen (read: Newlyweds make plea for safe return of stolen wedding photos).  Using an external hard drive only gives you a slight edge in the event your primary hard drive dies, but it can be stolen, damaged (due to fire or water), or lost, so it’s only a bare bones option for safeguarding your data. The same applies to using memory cards as a pseudo-storage system.

Backup Your Files Online Automatically!

What’s sad is that there’s absolutely no need for data to be lost and there hasn’t been for years. I’ve been a user since 2012. I discovered them after suffering a hard disk crash coupled with a defective external drive. I knew there had to be a safer way to keep my data protected but also available to me, and that solution came in the form of

What Does Carbonite Do - Backup Your Files Online Automatically! Safely Store Your Data! @Carbonite #Carbonite4Me #ad

Unlike most backup systems, is automatic. It requires no intervention by me – every time I create a new file or change an old one,  it marks the file for backup. Within minutes, that file is safely stored on Carbonite’s cloud server until I need it. Not just because of a hard drive failure, but it’s stored so that I can access it online from any device. That’s a blessing for people like me who use multiple devices and often work away from home. I can move any file backed up from my laptop to Carbonite’s cloud to any other device I’m using.

Another little-known benefit of is how easy it makes moving to a new computer. Since my files are backed up on their servers, when I upgrade my laptop or desktop, I use Carbonite to install the files on my new computer meaning I have everything I need on the new computer without any cables, downloads, or other workarounds. It’s simply perfect!

Carbonite To Move Files to New Computer - Automatic Backup Storage Online - Safely Store Your Data! @Carbonite #Carbonite4Me #ad

Why is So Perfect for Safekeeping Your Precious Memories?

That’s an easy question! Because the co-founders each dealt with family members who lost data from their computers. A term paper that had taken 6-weeks to write fell victim to a hard drive crash and financial records and baby photos were lost to theft. It was these incidents that lead to the creation of Carbonite.

What Carbonite does is backup your date files automatically via their software that runs in the background. You can restore one file or your entire system, and you can access the files from any device connected to the Internet. Since it backs up continuously, it’s nearly impossible to lose a file. – A Perfect Plan for Work or Home is Available at an Affordable Price

Carbonite is perfect for a single family user to a multi-person organization. There are plans that fit needs from enterprise to home, and all are reasonably priced and affordable. The Carbonite software is simple to install, set up, and then it works in the background keeping your files backed up and up-to-date. I can see which folders and files are waiting to backed up and which are safely stored with icons on my files, so I know it’s working. There’s also a status update in my system tray, and monthly I get a newsletter giving me tips on ways to tweak Carbonite to fit my lifestyle even better along with the total number of files I have safely stored with them.

Carbonite Updates via email - Automatic Backup Storage Online - Safely Store Your Data! @Carbonite #Carbonite4Me #ad

Carbonite Newsletter - Automatic Backup Storage Online - Safely Store Your Data! @Carbonite #Carbonite4Me #ad

It does all this with plans starting at $59.99 a year for one computer. Additional plans include a $99 a year (per computer) complete backup and mirror solution that backs up your operating system and software. Or $149.99 a year (per computer) to include all that PLUS automatic video backup and a physical copy of your backup delivered to you anywhere in the US.

Carbonite Pricing History - Automatic Backup Storage Online - Safely Store Your Data! @Carbonite #Carbonite4Me #ad

There are no file limits so even photographers can keep safe their work and their customer’s precious memories for pennies a day. The plan I use has only increased 99 cents in the last 3 years and is the minimum plan – it’s perfect for me since I don’t have software loaded onto my computer (I use online subscriptions for Microsoft Ofice, Photoshop, and other software), so the higher priced mirror option isn’t a necessity for me.

Accessing My Carbonite Files Online - Automatic Backup Storage Online - Safely Store Your Data! @Carbonite #Carbonite4Me #ad

I can access my files online through Carbonite – these are a tiny fraction my photo files.

Why I ALWAYS Recommend

I honestly have never been so happy with an online subscription service and have heartily recommended them for years. They’ve saved me from a second hard drive crash and made moving from one laptop/desktop to another so easy I no longer dread moving my files. There are so many advantages to this automatic system that you need to see it in action to appreciate its difference.

While  October was Cyber Security Awareness Month, you really need to think about securing your data year round and Carbonite lets you do that hassle free. They provide amazing support if you need it online (see the online Carbonite Guide) plus you have access to the U.S.-based Carbonite helpline/ support team.

Get a FREE 15-day Trial PLUS Special Offer!

Not sure if Carbonite is right for you? Trust me, it’s worth every penny, but to prove it to yourself, visit and follow the on-screen instructions to get your 15-day free trial.  Then, when you’re ready to purchase your subscription, use the promo code: INFLUENCECENTRAL at checkout to receive two (2) additional FREE months of service. This code expires on December 31, 2015, so don’t delay!

What precious data should you be protecting? Why haven’t you subscribed to Carbonite?