We received an ALADDIN Bluray to facilitate this review; all opinions are our own.

My husband and I were recently talking about Disney films we wish would be re-released, and Aladdin was on the top of the list. Imagine my excitement when we received the Diamond Edition on Blu-ray and DVD with all new special features!

Most of the special features are in tribute to the talented late Robin Williams. His work as the Genie was a huge part in making Aladdin into the movie that people loved so much. This edition features The Genie Outtakes, Aladdin: Creating Broadway Magic, Genie 101, and more.

The Genie Outtakes:

In this feature, you get to hear Robin Williams saying different versions of some of your favorite lines. With his talent, I am sure it was difficult to pick what was going into the final film. The Disney animators went as far as to even animate the scenes with those lines. It would have been cool to see him rehearsing, but I’m sure they didn’t have cameras in those sounds room 24/7.

Aladdin: Creating Broadway Magic

Darren Criss takes you on a behind the scenes look into how this beloved children’s movie was turned into the Broadway show. With input from Alan Menken and many others who worked so hard to turn it into something amazing, you get a feeling for what it took to make the Broadway show what it is known for now. From starting at Seattle 5th Avenue theater with a barely there budget to traveling its way to Broadway. It wasn’t an easy ride, and people didn’t have faith that it could transition, but everyone involved worked exceptionally hard, and no one quit. They proved everyone wrong and made another memorable Disney Broadway show for the world to enjoy.

Genie 101

This feature introduces you to the many impersonations done by the genie. It is hosted by none other than Scott Weinger (the voice of Aladdin himself). He takes you through all the impressions done by the genie and tells you who or what it was supposed to be. It’s a lot of fun for the older generation to be able to guess whose voice it is meant to be. The younger generation won’t know many of the names, but gets the chance to guess what animal it is.

I love when Disney releases the classics, it is like reliving my childhood all over again and getting the chance to own the updated version of that Disney magic. Get out and get your copy before Disney locks it away in the vault and you don’t see it for who knows how long.

The Aladdin: Diamond Edition (Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD) is available now.

Ratings:  G in US & Canada (bonus materials are not rated)

Feature Run Time: Approximately 91 Minutes

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