This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fanta Freaky Foto Booth for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
Halloween brings back so many fond memories. The school parties with hot apple cider and cookies, Trick or Treating in costumes covered in thick winter coats or rain coats, depending on what Seattle’s weather had in store for us that year. It also means orange food and especially orange soda. Lots of it and sometimes mixed with lemon lime and other flavors with blobs of floating vanilla ice cream swirled throughout. It was the go-to Halloween party punch because it was delicious, and it carried out the theme. Fanta happens to make a fantastic orange soda, among other flavors, of course, and they are as excited about Halloween as I am. They’ve created the Fanta Freaky Foto Booth  to let you virtually wear a Halloween costume! Just upload a photo of yourself and then use the free Foto Booth to add a costume and props to personalize your Fanta Freaky character.

Using the Fanta Freaky Foto Booth

Creating your photo is easy but first you have to register. You’ll need to provide your name, email address, and birthdate. Once you’ve done that, the purple curtains open to reveal the creator. Tap the arrow to upload your photo. Fanta Freaky Photo Booth - Photo Scale and Rotate ad Upload a photo and line up your eyes and mouth with the registration marks shown. You may have to take a new picture to be sure you have the dimensions correct, but there are some options available to help with making your photo line up with the marks. For instance, you can rotate the photo and scale it (larger and smaller) but only within the size allowance of the picture. For best results, take the shot at a distance to give you room to scale it. Once you line up the marks, it’s time to pick a costume. There are several and I’ll leave the others as a surprise, but here’s the one I chose. Oh, and no, that’s not me. That’s my son’s girlfriend, Mary Beth. I couldn’t help myself. She’d coming out of the ocean in Hawaii, and the beard and bandana were too perfect. Fanta Freaky Photo Booth Costume - ad Once you like your photo, select SNAP! and you’ll receive an email with a link to your photo.  That’s it! You can create as many Fanta Freaky Foto Booth photos as you like and share them with your friends and family. Maybe even create one of them as I did with Mary Beth!

Taste Halloween at 7-Eleven with a Fanta Soda

Now that you’re in the Halloween mood stop by your local 7-Eleven store and pick up a Fanta 20oz soda. Like it ice-cold like me? Pop it in the freezer for 20 minutes and then sit back and enjoy the frosty cold taste of Halloween memories. Fanta Orange Soda - the taste of Halloween - Fanta Freaky Foto Booth

I’d love to see your Fanta Freaky Foto Booth creation! Please feel free to share the link below.

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