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Dolphin Browser Surf Faster on Your Mobile Device ad

I remember a time when dial-up was the norm. When a “slow” website was one that took more than 5 minutes to load. Yes, five MINUTES! We’ve gotten so spoiled by insanely fast Internet connections that now a website is considered to slow by a leading search engine if it takes longer than 30 seconds to load. While a part of me wants to be grateful for the remarkable advancements in internet speed over the last two decades, the impatient part of my brain fires off an anxious whine when I encounter a slow connection. I know, I’m ashamed of myself for letting it annoy me, but at the same time, I have things to do, and I want to get them done as soon as possible so that I can eek out a little bit of free time to do something I enjoy, like crocheting.

So I’m all for anything that can give me an edge. I have installed a Wi-fi signal booster in my home, I upgrade my devices every two years, so they are capable of the fastest speeds possible, and I keep them maintained by running programs that delete broken files and links, that sort and compact my data, and that provide a layer of safety for my Internet surfing. I thought I was doing everything I could to make my online experience the best that it can be, and then I discovered the Dolphin Browser. It turns out that the standard browser that most smartphones are delivered with may not be the best one for your use.

Dolphin Browser: Smart and Trainable

Why is it called Dolphin?  Because like its namesake, it’s smart and trainable. It adapts to the way I browse the web on my smartphone. It opens my favorite pages with a tap or use sonar, its smart voice search. It has Flash Support, tabbed browsing, syncs with my favorite social sites, uses sidebars to allow me to access my bookmarks quickly, and if I register, it will sync across all of my devices, so the bookmarks and connections I make are available to me on any device I use when I log into my account.

My favorite Dolphin Browser feature? Gestures. It has built-in gestures for common functions – like opening Facebook, Amazon, my website, etc. I just open the gestures box by selecting and holding the Dolphin logo, and it shows me the Sonar and Gestures functions.

I choose Gestures and then draw my symbol for the site I want to visit, and if I draw it close enough to the original, I’m taken there!  I think these are faster than bookmarks and a whole lot more fun, but you will have to remember all of the symbols you’ve programmed. They can also be used to navigate the page, zoom, and more.

Dolphin Browser For Android Users  Installation and Quick tips

Dolphin Browser - Installation

Left Tab

Dolphin Browser Connect

Bottom Menu

Dolphin Browser Shortcut

Basic Gestures

Dolphin Browser - Gestures

Create Your own Gestures

Dolphin Browser - Creating your own gesture

My new Gesture

Dolphin Browser - Gesture Shortcuts

3rd Party Add-ins include Themes

Dolphin Browser Add-in and 3rd Party

Download the Dolphin Browser from Google Play

  • There are a few terms that the Dolphin Browser uses that were a little confusing for me at first. For instance, Speed Dial shortcuts have nothing to do with your telephone. They’re icons on your home screen that give you quick access to popular websites and apps. The other term that I found confusing was Dolphin Gestures. I assumed it meant something akin to the gestures on my smartphone which translate to swiping motions. Instead, it’s a shorthand symbol drawn with your finger that links you to your favorite sites.
  • The Dolphin Browser is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It’s laid out with the home screen acting as a home base. A left sidebar is accessed by swiping from the left of the screen to center and a right sidebar by swiping from the right to center. There’s also a toolbar at the bottom of the home screen (on my device it’s there when I’m in portrait mode but it moves to the address bar when I’m in landscape mode – your device may differ).
  • The Dolphin Browser sidebars give you access to great features that make surfing the web easier. The left sidebar allows you to log into Dolphin Connect, a free service that lets you sync your bookmarks across all of your devices running the Dolphin Browser. It also allows you to view and erase your search history. Bookmarks can be added, updated, and deleted here as well.
    • The right sidebar opens the control panel where you can change your options, select nite mode (which darkens the screen and turns white backgrounds to black. It works on most websites but on some it makes them unreadable, but it’s a great feature to have available. It also allows you to turn off images on the pages if you’re surfing on a slow Internet connection or want to save on data fees.
    • The bottom menu is where you’ll share sites and where you can choose to use gestures or Sonar (the voice-activated feature of the browser).
  • There are 3rd party apps available like an ad blocker and themes.
  • iOS User? Don’t worry, you can use the Dolphin Browser as well. You’ll find it in the iTunes store.

Dolphin Browser – My Experience

I’ve been using the Dolphin Browser for a few days, and I’ve not experienced any technical problems – it downloaded and installed without a hitch and has yet to crash or freeze like my last browser was prone to do. Plus I appreciate that it’s free and doesn’t require me to register to use it. I’m enjoying the way the Dolphin Browser has made the time I spend browsing the internet from my smartphone faster and easier.  I appreciate the speed and features of the Dolphin Browser so much that I’ve made this my default browser.

Have you tried the Dolphin Browser on your mobile device?