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Taking the girls for a ride

Taking the girls for a ride

I love my dogs. They’re my constant companions; I spend more time with them than with any human being, even my husband. Some may say I spoil them, I say I treat them like the loving companions they are.

Sadly, my oldest girl,  a 10-year old Pomeranian named Jewel, has been losing the use of her back legs to a progressive neurological condition. Thankfully she’s not in pain, but she requires around-the-clock care.  I know my time with her is coming to an end, and though I’m not ready, I know it’s inevitable.

I’ve thought a lot about what I’ll do when the time comes to let her go. While I adore her, I admit that she makes my life more difficult. It’s almost impossible to leave her to travel and even getting out for the day means I have to worry that she’s fallen out of her bed, can no longer reach her food and water, or has messed herself and needs to be changed.

While life would be easier without her and I’ll still have Gracie, my 6-year old Maltese, the thought of never having a puppy or young dog again makes me sad. Still, I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to another dog. The idea of having more freedom is tempting, but that means a lot of days without the comfort and joy of a companion for Gracie. Make Money By Providing Belly Rubs and Snuggles (and puppy kisses!)

I may have found a solution to my dog woes. I discovered a few years ago when we were looking for a local pet sitter. We’re incredibly choosy when it comes to our pets and kenneling them isn’t an option. Our dogs are used to sleeping in our bed, laying on the couch, and generally being treated as a member of the family. The thought of them spending time in a cage is something we’re not ready to do.

Remembering back to that experience I thought about how many wonderful in-home choices we had and that made me realized that perhaps pet sitting could be a way for me to have the best of both worlds. It would afford me the freedom of not owning another dog, but I’d get the benefit of being able to spend time with a pup when my schedule allows it.

Pet sitting would also allow me to make extra income from my home in addition to my current blogging business. It’s a perfect work-from-home opportunity for a stay-at-home parent, someone enjoying retirement, a student, or anyone else with a flexible schedule. Getting paid to play ball, scratch a belly, and snuggle up on the couch – that’s not a bad way to earn money. The only downside to pet sitting may be that you’ll fall in love with the dog, but that’s to be expected and one of the side benefits!

Puppy Kisses 0 Rover.Com: Earn Money for Rubbing Bellies and Playing Fetch #RoverDotCom #RoverSitterPic @Roverdotcom #ad

One of my favorite photos – my husband and Gracie – Puppy Kisses

Thinking of Booking Your Pet Sitting Through Here’s What You Need To Know

Do I have to take pets full-time? As a pet sitter booking through, you’re an independent contractor, so you choose whether or not you want to take dogs full-time, part-time, provide doggy daycare, overnight, or vacation sitting and you set your rate for services. Also, an independent contractor, you may be entitled to business tax deductions for the use of your home and other expenses related to pet sitting  (I am not a tax consultant – contact your tax advisor for more information).

Can’t have pets at your place? You can offer on-site sitting, pet walking, transportation, or pet check-in.

Jewel - Loves short walks with treat chasers. - Rover.Com: Earn Money for Rubbing Bellies and Playing Fetch #RoverDotCom #RoverSitterPic @Roverdotcom #ad

How much can I make as a pet sitter through That’s up to you. The number of hours/days you’re available, the type of dogs (those with medical issues can usually command a higher rate as can taking on multiple dogs), and how often you sit will determine your income. It’s entirely doable to make $1000 a month. That’s a lot of money towards paying off student loans, building a holiday fund, or saving for a large purchase or vacation. But enthusiastic sitters can earn as much as $3300 a month. You set your rates, and you work as little or as much as you like so it’s up to you!

Is there a fee to sign up to become a Rover Pet Sitter? No. Creating your sitter profile is free.

How does make money? Rover retains 15% of the cost of the service (25% if you’re a Premium sitter), and those fees allow Rover to maintain the platform, do marketing and promotions to attract new clients, and to provide premium pet insurance* for services booked through them. They also provide 24/7 emergency support in case of a lost dog, safety incident, or medical emergency. Premium Sitters receive these same services in addition to one-on-one support and training as you build your pet sitting business, a profile created by a Rover Premier consultant, a profile badge noting you’ve passed an in-person home inspection and interview, and increased business from owners who contact Rover for the perfect sitter.

How do sitters get paid? When you’re booked through, the pet parent pays your fee directly to Rover at the time of booking. You’re paid  48-hours after the completion of the appointment.

Curious How is Working for Sitters and Owners?

Check out the web page and read the customer comments and see the photos of happy dogs. Do I believe them? Yes! A well-known Seattle blogger is also a Rover sitter, and I see the dogs she cares for – she treats them like family and those dogs have a spectacular time with her! But she’s not the only fantastic pet sitter, and I suspect within the next two years I’ll be joining their ranks. The only thing stopping me right now is my old girl. She does NOT like other dogs, and she deserves to spend her last year or two in peace.

My sweet girl. I snapped this photo at the vet's before we went in to see him. I was afraid it was my last chance. Thankfully she's still with us. Rover.Com: Earn Money for Rubbing Bellies and Playing Fetch #RoverDotCom #RoverSitterPic @Roverdotcom #ad

My sweet girl. I snapped this photo at the vet’s before we went in to see him. I was afraid it was my last chance, but thankfully she’s still with us. covers the US so no matter where you are, there’s likely a pet parent looking for a loving caregiver. Find out more about becoming a Rover Sitter (or to book pet sitting for your dog) at You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Have you ever considered becoming a pet sitter?

*Rover premium pet insurance  is secondary to your primary insurance and covers the pet, your pets, plus general and professional liability – please visit for complete details