Recipes for Sweet Potatoes

I usually don’t think of having sweet potatoes until Thanksgiving. Of course, why should they only be eaten one day a year? My mom loves sweet potatoes. She thinks any recipe that has regular potatoes in it is ten times better with sweet potatoes. After searching for recipes for sweet potatoes online, I may have to agree with her. Here are ten recipes for sweet potatoes that can be enjoyed year round. Which one is your favorite?

10 Recipes for Sweet Potatoes

Recipes for Sweet Potatoes: Upside Down Sweet Potato Dessert Pockets
Upside-Down Sweet Potato Dessert Pockets | Baby to Boomer
Get more dessert pocket recipes.

Recipes for Sweet Potatoes: Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Cinnamon Swirl Bread | Baby to Boomer
Get more bread recipes.

Meatless Vegetarian Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chili

Meatless Vegetarian Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chili | Baby to Boomer
This is a great option for Meatless Monday. Get more meatless Monday recipes.

Sweet Potato Smores Coffeecake
Sweet Potato Smores Coffeecake | Food Done Light
Get more smores recipes or coffeecake recipes.

Brown Butter Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes
Brown Butter Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes | Pink When
Bacon, goat cheese and avocado. Yum!

Sweet Potato Pie Parfait
Sweet Potato Pie Parfait | Krystal’s Kitsch
This dessert is easy to put together by using a Mrs. Smith’s Sweet Potato Pie. Get more parfait recipes.

Make Ahead Brown Sugar Sweet Potatoes
Make Ahead Brown Sugar Sweet Potatoes | Juggling Act Mama
This side dish would be great for Thanksgiving since you can make it ahead. One less thing to worry about that day! Get more make ahead recipes.

Healthy Sweet Potato Spoonbread
Healthy Sweet Potato Spoonbread | Food Done Light
I hadn’t heard of spoonbread before seeing this recipe. Get more spoonbread recipes.

Sweet Potato Hash
Sweet Potato Hash | Cooking on the Front Burner
This cooks up nicely in a cast iron skillet. Get more skillet recipes.

Sweet Potato Risotto
Sweet Potato Risotto | A Family Feast
This will quickly become a family favorite side dish. Get more risotto recipes.

Do you enjoy sweet potatoes? Which of these recipes for sweet potatoes will you be trying next?

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