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My mom is 75 years old. While you might think that being just years from 80 means you’re old, my mom is living proof that it can be anything but! In fact, she’s got a more positive outlook and happier demeanor than she’s had at any other time in her life, and because of a gym membership, her fitness level has improved as well. She’s not letting two knee replacements stop her from getting out and shopping, traveling, and more.

Even with all of these improvements in her lifestyle, one thing I’ve pestered her about is vitamins and supplements. I’m a firm believer in their benefits, but she’s resisted saying that she doesn’t like to take the medications she’s required to, and she doesn’t want to add more to her list. I’ve tried to convince her that the few seconds it takes each day is worth it, especially if she isn’t going to keep a close eye on her diet to make sure she gets all of the minerals and vitamins she needs, but she resisted.

Filling the Gap in Her Nutritional Needs with a Tasty Little Mint! #CentrumVitaMints #ad

She’s not alone when it comes to those whose nutritional needs aren’t being met by their diet. A recent survey conducted by Prevention and Centrum® found that 75% of Americans think it’s easy to eat a healthy, balanced diet to get the recommended daily amount of vitamins and minerals. But fifty percent believed they had gaps in their eating, so it was likely that they weren’t getting the required vitamins and minerals. They’re probably right because nine out of ten Americans fall short. So while we know what we should be eating, we’re not following through, and that’s why supplements are so important.*

Filling the Gap in Her Nutritional Needs with a Tasty Little Mint! #CentrumVitaMints #ad

Centrum® VitaMints®  – Anywhere; anytime.

I’d nearly given up trying to change my mother’s daily habits when I discovered Centrum® VitaMints®. They are a convenient and tasty way for her get the essential nutrients she needs and that she can enjoy like a mint. Centrum® VitaMints® can be taken anywhere, at any time. There’s no need to take it with water or food so you can take them on the go. The small chewable multivitamin includes Vitamin B, C, and E to cover the gaps in her nutrition.

She’s been taking the Centrum® VitaMints® for a few weeks now, and I think they’re a perfect match. She finds the taste refreshing, and she loves how easy they are to take with her when she travels and boy does she travel. She’s got more energy than me most days, and she makes 75 look easy!

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*Survey Methodology: GfK conducted the survey from October 23 to November 1, 2014, on behalf of Prevention and Centrum®. GfK surveyed a total of 1,006 U.S. adults ages 18+ using the GfK online KnowledgePanel®. The margin of sampling error for this poll is +/- 3.3 percentage points (total sample) and is higher for subgroups.