I’ve just read about a study done by Dr. Heather Hausenblas, an aging expert from Jacksonville University. about the perceptions and attitude of those of us in the US. Gen X population (ages 38-54) about aging.

Gen X - What We Think About Aging and Looking Older #LoseYourReaders #sponsored
Many of their findings mirror my experience. For example, like 42% of the adults surveyed, I believe that dying my hair helps me feel younger. I’ve contemplated going natural several times because I’ve grown tired of coloring it every 8-10 weeks (though it needs it much more often). But again, I hate coloring it, so it’s at about that 10-week mark that I start seeing my gray roots as a beacon atop of my head shrieking, “LOOK SHE’S OLD!” There are many beautiful men and women of all ages who look fabulous in gray hair, but for me, it’s not time yet.
Gen X Survey found gray hair, wrinkles, and varicose veins make you look older. Gen X - What We Think About Aging and Looking Older #LoseYourReaders #sponsored
It’s no surprise that along with gray hair, those surveyed found that wrinkles, varicose veins, and reading glasses as things that make us look older than we are.

Gen X: Lose Your Readers – An Easy Way to Look Younger Instantly

If you’re a Boomer and want to appear younger before you commit to teeth whitening, a facelift, or other invasive treatments, consider one of the simplest ways to look younger in under a minute. Ditch those reading glasses! I’m not talking about glasses like mine – they’re trifocals, and I wear them full-time. I’m talking about those cheap reading glasses you buy at the drugstore by the dozen. The ones you can never find or that are scratched beyond repair. The ones you hang on the end of your nose while you read and then when you look up, you arch your eyes in an exaggerated movement that looks comical.
Gen X Survey do reading glasses make you look older? - Gen X - What We Think About Aging and Looking Older #LoseYourReaders #sponsored
But how do I know so much about these instant agers if I don’t use them? My husband does, and he’s always looking for a pair. I can’t imagine how much money he’s wasted in lost, broken, and scratched readers. So many times he’s forgotten to bring a pair of readers along when we go out. It alway means a mad dash into any open retailer hoping to find a pair. Or we make do, and I have to read the box, the menu, or pay the bill because he can’t see it to sign it.

Gen X: Why Vision Changes As We Age

But why do 50% of adults wear reading glasses? Because as we age, we are likely to develop presbyopia, an eye condition that involves the gradual loss of the capability to focus. While most people start experiencing it in their 40’s, I began in my 30’s. In my 30’s, while my vision was still testing at 20/10, I started having problems focusing fast enough, so I needed glasses for computer work and my hobbies. Because I didn’t want to deal with reading glasses, I chose to start wearing them full time so my first glasses were line-free bifocals with clear glass on the top and reading on the bottom.
Gen X Survey do reading glasses make you look older before and after photos - Gen X - What We Think About Aging and Looking Older #LoseYourReaders #sponsored
Those bifocals were sufficient until my 40’s and then I could no longer focus quick enough at a distance either. Still, my vision was 20/20, and I passed the eye test for driving which meant no restrictions on my license. My new bifocals had a corrective prescription for both far and near vision – boy did they take me a while to get used to.
Then by my late 40’s I graduated to trifocals with near, far, and mid-range corrective prescriptions,  yet I can still pass the driving test at 20/20. I can see anything without my glasses as long as I can squint or open my eyes wide to give them a chance to focus – of course, that’s no way to live and it looks downright silly.
I have to use artificial tears because of the hours in front of my laptop, and I’ve started making my fonts larger to read them. I’m going to see a new optometrist for a solution. I want to be able to see well again!

Gen X: Presbyopia Symptoms & Solutions

How do you know if you’re experiencing the symptoms of presbyopia? If you’re one of the nearly 1.7 billion people worldwide with the disease, you may notice that you’re having a difficult time seeing in dim light and can no longer focus on small objects or fine print. Eyestrain and the discomfort that comes with it – burning, itching, and sore eyes along with blurred or double vision, watery or dry eyes, headaches and sore neck and/or back. I went from being the person with the 20/10 vision that made fun of old people who had to hold things at a distance to see them to the individual who stands ten inches from the TV screen and still can’t make out the words on the menu.
Gen X Survey Results - How the study was conducted - Gen X - What We Think About Aging and Looking Older #LoseYourReaders #sponsored

NOTE: *High oxygen transmissible lenses. Dk/t=138 @ -3.00D.Eye exam may be required. Professional fees may apply. At participating offices.

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