I received this Handmade Beauty Box to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

Handmade Beauty Box: a Monthly Craft Subscription kit of fun diy body, bath, lip, and skincare products. We review their make-your-own scented loofa soap - Handmade Beauty Box: Monthly Craft Subscription Review @handmadebeautyb #SubscriptionBox ad

As an empty nester I’ve found myself with an abundance of free time on my hands. Over the years I’ve tried my hardest to fill up my time with the occasional project or community class but so far very few things have truly stuck with me during my pursuits. One thing I’ve picked up since my kids have been out of the house has been to surf the internet at my leisure and one of my favorite things to do is look up DIY projects to do. In theory the projects sound great, but so far I haven’t completed many. My biggest issue is spending money to start a new hobby that I may not like. I’ve got too many cupboards full of crafting products that I don’t use, adding to that stockpile would be silly. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still have a hankering to try my hand at crafts and soap making has been high on my list.

Thankfully, while on my DIY adventures, I stumbled across a great website that makes DIY projects a cinch: the Handmade Beauty BoxThe Handmade Beauty Box makes even the trickiest sounding DIY project a breeze with their step-by-step instructions and pre-measured ingredients. Most people get discouraged when they research a project and see all the steps it takes and products that one must purchase to complete it. With The Handmade Beauty Box, everything is provided and measured out for you (thus eliminating steps and purchasing more than you need) and each project only takes between 15 to 20 minutes, tops. All the recipient has to do is open the box, whether it’s you or a loved one, is follow the directions and you’ll be whipping up a homemade beauty craft in no time at all!

Handmade Beauty Box – Loofa Soap Making Kit Review

I recently received a glycerin soap making kit and I loved creating my own homemade soap! I lost the directions but I didn’t have to worry, the directions are available on the website along with step-by-step instructions so there’s no way I could mess it up. The only change I made was to use half of the fragrance provided based on my personal taste. I loved the scent, but I prefer my products very lightly scented.

Beauty Box Handmade Soap 1

Beauty Box Handmade Soap 2

Beauty Box Handmade Soap 3

Beauty Box Handmade Soap 4

Beauty Box Handmade Soap 5

Beauty Box Handmade Soap 6

Beauty Box Handmade Soap 7

Beauty Box Handmade Soap 8

Beauty Box Handmade Soap 9

Beauty Box Handmade Soap 10

Beauty Box Handmade Soap 11

Beauty Box Handmade Soap 14

Beauty Box Handmade Soap 15

Beauty Box Handmade Soap 16

Beauty Box Handmade Soap 17

Beauty Box Handmade Soap 18

Beauty Box Handmade Soap 19

Beauty Box Handmade Soap 20

Beauty Box Handmade Soap 21

Beauty Box Handmade Glycerin Soap Loofa Soap

Beauty Box Handmade Loofa Soap

Beauty Box Handmade Soap Loofa

The kit was a lot of fun and now I have 8 bars of homemade soap ready for gift giving or in my case, they’re in my guest bathroom providing a soft scent. I can’t wait to try another Handmade Beauty Box!

Monthly Handmade Beauty Box

Subscriptions are available in the continental US only and are available in month-to-month, 3 months, or twelve month plans. You’ll save with the longer subscriptions – the price drops to $29 for the 12-month subscription which saves you $36 a year which is like getting one box free! You can cancel at any time though there is a fee if you cancel before the end of your term.

Each month you’ll receive one beauty box filled to the brim with everything you need to create an awesome beauty project. Monthly boxes are shipped out around the 10th day of each month so you can expect to receive your goodies within 5-10 business days after it’s been shipped out. The absolute best part about the Handmade Beauty Box? It’s a secret! No, I mean, literally the contents of each box is a secret so you won’t know what you’re making until it actually arrives on your doorstep. How exciting is that?!

Handmade Beauty Box: Monthly Craft Subscription Review @handmadebeautyb #SubscriptionBox ad

Handmade Beauty Box – Singles

Not ready to commit to a monthly box? Check out their single boxes! Their current options include this loofah soap, lipstick, cuticle/lip balm, nail polish, facial toner, foot balm, candle, bath bomb, and bronzer all for $34 each. There’s also a bath bomb party pack for $145 that includes 5-boxes for a girls night in, bridesmaid event, or sleepover.

A Subscription Box for the Crafter

If you love crafting and DIY projects then the Handmade Beauty Box is definitely an option to consider. What better way to celebrate a special occasion, make a sleepover a hit, or even treat yourself, than to settle down with your crafting kit and make something with your own two hands? You can also gift a subscription to your favorite crafter!

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Who would you make this adorable soap for?