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Durable stackable lunch containers from Rubbermaid #BloxOff

My son starts kindergarten this week! My biggest goal as a mom is to set him up for success. This first year of “real” school — so much more grown up than preschool! — lays a foundation for all the years of education ahead of him. I hope he is enthusiastic about learning, makes friends, and learns a lot. I know that having a full tummy will help him reach these goals.

Beat back to school lunch stress

As a first-time elementary school mom, though, the idea of packing a back to school lunch for him every day is overwhelming! What should I pack? How do I keep it all fresh? What if he smashes his lunch box on the bus, and his ham sandwich is more like a ham pancake by lunchtime? 🙂 Packing a lunch is a stressful business!

Make lunch quick and easy on the go with Rubbermaid LunchBlox #BloxOff

That’s why I love the new LunchBlox kit from Rubbermaid. It comes with four interlocking plastic containers — and a reusable, freezable ice pack! — that keeps everything separated, secure and stored. I love this because it makes me think beyond the sandwich. I make sure to fill up the three smaller containers with a variety of healthy snacks, so I know there’s at least something my picky guy will eat. Plus, no worry about smashing it all, since the containers hold up against any damage.

Durable lunchbox storage

We tried our LunchBlox kit out on a summer picnic in preparation for school, and I was super impressed with how durable they are. No matter how much my son swung his lunch box around, the lids all stayed on, and his food was protected. I like the different sizes, too. Smaller boxes for fruit or snacks, a bigger one for sandwiches and a medium one for any miscellaneous items.

Durable stackable back to school lunch containers from Rubbermaid #BloxOff

Of course Rubbermaid would come up with such a handy kit! We love all of Rubbermaid’s food storage containers for being so easy to use, keeping our food fresh, and taking our food on the road with no hassles. Plus, LunchBlox containers are BPA free, and microwave- dishwasher- and freezer-safe.

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