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There are a lot of things to plan for when you send your child off to college. Where he’ll live and eat, what courses he’ll take, and how you’ll pay for it all. Most people are like us, and they depend on college loans to pay for everything from the tuition to meals and lodging. But what many of us don’t plan for is what would happen if our student left school mid-semester, but you should plan for the possibility.

College Tips for Parents: My Son’s College Journey

My son went away to college with his best friend. They shared a dorm room and soon became great friends with another high school acquaintance who happened to be going to the same school. Their freshman year went well though their grades suffered from their new found freedom. The lure of playing video games instead of going to class was just too much to pass up.

Their sophomore year they moved into an apartment on campus and again while they weren’t stellar students, they were making passing grades. But when his best friend left after the breakup of his relationship and his other close friend received an academic expulsion, our son had no choice but to start his junior year back in the dorm and alone. We did pay for an upgrade to a single room to make it more comfortable for him, but we knew he was struggling.

When our son came home for the holiday break, it was obvious he was troubled. When his grades came in he knew it was time to talk to us. He was failing, and he wanted to leave college. Leaving mid-term meant we’d be stuck with his college tuition, room and board for the rest of the semester with nothing to show for it. That’s thousands of dollars. Worse, though he’d completed two years of college, the classes were out of sync, so he didn’t even qualify for an AA.

Thankfully we convinced him to contact the professor who was failing him and they agreed that he had likely turned in work that was not accounted for, and the failing grade was removed. He went back to school, moved out of the dorms and into an apartment with his cousin, and he finished the year. Thinking back now, I cringe at what the monetary cost of his quitting college would have cost us.

College Tips for Parents: Tuition Insurance

There are many reasons why kids leave college, and because it’s a possibility, you need to know about Tuition Insurance. It’s available in many states, and there’s a wide variety of coverages. Most plans cover student who withdraw for medical reasons, but make sure yours specifically covers emotional and mental health issues. It’s not surprising that they’re among the top reasons for students dropping out. 

If you live in Arizona, North Carolina, New Jersey, Michigan, California, Virginia, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, or Georgia, look into Allianz Tuition Insurance. They offer easy-to-understand tuition insurance packages with clear cost and reimbursement options. They can provide full or partial refunds of a semester’s tuition fees and room and board when a student leaves due to a covered reason.

If you have a student heading off to college or already enrolled, consider Tuition Insurance in the event your child has to leave mid-semester. We never thought it’d happen to us, and though we were lucky enough to keep our child enrolled, it isn’t alway possible. 

College Tips for Parents: They Find Their Way

Alex's College Graduation - College Tips for Parents:  Protect Your Investment With Tuition Insurance  ad

My son graduated and is now a happily married Park Ranger. His best friend eventually went back to school and completed his degree and his other friend found a job that he enjoys. In the end, it worked out for all three of them.

Are you prepared in the event your child says he needs to leave college?

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