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My kids are adults now, but it seems like it was just yesterday that we started saving our General Mills® box tops. But when I sit down and do the math, I’ve been a box top collector for nineteen years. The Crazy thing is, that’s the program started. I have to wonder how many we’ve turned in over the years and how many children benefited from them.

The General Mills® Box Tops for Education™ program is such a simple way for me to donate funds for our local elementary school. Sure, I could have stopped collecting when the kids moved on to Jr High and High School, but why wouldn’t I want the kids in our neighborhood to benefit from the donation the box tops provide?

Box Tops for Education Fiber one Brownies

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General Mills® Box Tops for Education™ – Why Participate?

Each Box Top is worth a 10 cent donation. That’s a pretty good return for just pulling off the top of the specially marked General Mills® products I buy. Once I have a bundle, I drop them off at the school office. The staff is always grateful for the tops, and I love taking a step back in time to stand in the school office my husband, and I volunteered in so many times when the kids were young. The school collects the box tops and turns them into General Mills for cash. That money can be spent any way they like including supporting current programs, expanding programs, creating sponsorships, and more.

Box Tops for Education Grands Rolls

Shopping for products with the specially marked packages is easy. Just look for the Box Tops for Education™ logo on the top of boxes, sides of refrigerated cans, and more. Plus take advantage of specially marked packages at Walmart with bonus points! Look for the “5 BOX TOPS ON THIS PACKAGE!” You’ll find a certificate that when combined with the box top give you a 4-box top bonus! Points really add up during this special event only at Walmart.

Box Tops for Education Fiber One

Take a moment out next time you’re shopping and see if you can spot the specially marked packages. Then pick up a few and save those box tops! It’s an easy way to support your local school I know we enjoy the products and the school benefits, and that’s a win/win in my book!

Are you an old timer like me or newbie box top collector?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills®. The opinions and text are all mine.