I dined at the Cannery Row Brewing Company as part of a Monterey Familiarization Trip; however, all opinions are my own.

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The Cannery Row Brewing Company in Monterey, California, is a spectacular place to stop in and grab a bite to eat. In fact, we enjoyed lunch there on the outdoor patio on our most recent visit to Cannery Row. The Brewing company is a family-friendly, beer-concept restaurant which is host to the 2nd largest number of beers available on tap in Northern California and is the largest single outlet beer account in Monterey County.


Patrons of the Brewing Company can enjoy the vintage decor while also being able to view the 75+ kegs of beer behind the glass bar while they dine. There are also fog-lifting firepits that look over the beautiful Monterey Bay and Cannery Row recreation trails in addition to the comfortable indoor dining.

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Cannery Row Brewing Company Menu

The menu has something for everyone to enjoy. Starters such as a mouthwatering Parmesan Pretzel, Calamari, Nachos, Ahi Poke, Crab Sliders and more are a great way to start any meal. Plus a sandwich selection with options like a Pastrami Sandwich, Albacore Tuna Melt, Pulled Pork, etc. They also have fresh salads to choose from include Heirloom Tomato, Greek, and Chopped. There are plenty of entrees and soups as well as desserts including Lemon Meringue Pie in a Jar (lemon cream, cinnamon tart crumble, and blackberry puree) and Monkey Bread Doughnuts.

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Patrons who enjoy the beer side of things can experiment with tastes such as Pale Ale, Seasonal, Belgian, Cider, Strong Ale, Amber and much more!


I plan to visit the Cannery Row Brewing Company again on my next visit to Monterey. I can’t wait to try some of their desserts. I wasn’t able to on this visit because our next stop was The Ghirardelli Chocolate and Ice Cream Store.

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