Pelcor provided an Ipanema tote to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

I don’t know about you, but there’s a time to get organized, and it’s not five minutes before I leave my house. I’m running around trying to gather my essentials for a day out, and I’m just getting in the car when I realize I’ve forgotten something. My wallet, my keys, on any given day it could be anything, and it’s on days like those when I realize how crucial it is to have a good bag.

What defines a “good” bag? For me it’s a purse or tote with enough zippers and pockets, so it’s hard to forget anything, but big enough to stuff with a tablet, my smartphone, an assortment of chargers and cables, and the rest of my necessities.

Pelcor Tote – Quality, Lightweight Construction

With the Ipanema Tote from Pelcor, the days of struggling to find lost or misplaced items before heading out for a busy day is a thing of the past. This beautiful, leather-like tote boasts a sophisticated design and is part of the Pelcor SS15 Collection. The Ipanema also features lovely leather details and straps that are hand-stitched. The tote closes with an internal zipper and has inside, zippered pockets for secure storage of my items.

This Pelcor tote weighs mere ounces instead of pounds like a leather bag, but it’s durable and attractive. It’s also a conversation starter. People notice the unique texture and are curious about the material it’s made from.  They recognize the cork’s texture though it’s much more subtle than the photos show, but they’re surprised by how soft and supple it is.

The Ipanema tote is a stunning bag. It’s the perfect size for everyday use, and the style and color are classics so I’ll get years of use from it.

Pelcor Tote: A Luxury Bag Made from Sustainable Cork @pelcor #luxury ad

Pelcor Products – Created  from Sustainable Cork Trees

Pelcor was founded in 2003 when a company that produced champagne corks for the finest vintners in Europe came up with an innovative new idea. The Granddaughter of the factory’s founder, Sandra Correia, saw the opportunity for a new product line using the same sustainable material that they harvested from Portugal’s cork tree’s, a process that they undertook once every 9 years. In a world where the price and value of leather was decreasing, and faux leather products were on the rise, Sandra knew that a line of luxury fashion accessories that had the look and feel of leather could play a significant role in the cork industry. In 2003, Sandra exhibited her first cork product, the Cork Umbrella. The response was phenomenal and resulted in the launch of Pelcor. Today, the brand offers a range of innovative, stylish and creative products.

2015 Pelcor Fall/Winter Collection

Pelcor’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection is all about color blocking in tan, yellow, brown, and teal.  Available in buckets, totes, clutches and more, each piece is crafted from renewable Portuguese cork skin in Europe and no two pieces are exactly alike.

Pelcor’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection ad

The Poppy Tote, Poppy Satchel, Chili Backpack, and Saffron Envelope Clutch are available now (row 1). September releases include the Cayenne Tote, Cayenne Backpack, Cayenne Bag, and Cayenne Clutch (row 2). October brings the Pepper Bag, Pepper Envelope, Pepper Clutch, and Sesame Clutch (row 3). My favorite? The Chili Backpack! What a fabulous color combination to shake off the rainy days of fall. But my favorite shape is the Cayenne Bag – versatile styling and dual straps – win/win!

Pelcor products can be purchased online through their e-store, and you can stay connected with Pelcor by becoming a fan of their Facebook|Twitter|Instagram|Pinterest|Youtube so you never miss the latest news!