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I’ve been buying “gender neutral” organic baby clothes for my future grandchild for nearly two years. In that time, I’ve learned a lot about how to find the best deals on organic infant and toddler clothes. I average about $10 a piece and that includes jackets, sweaters, and more, making organic an affordable choice.

Organic Baby Clothes: Burt’s Bees Baby

Burts Bees Organic Baby Clothing Shopping Haul

My go-to brand it Burt’s Bees BabyTheir everyday prices are fantastic, but when they’re discounted, they’re even better. Plus they produce a lot of clothes that are gender neutral, which is exactly what I’m looking for. They do use a bee motif on quite a lot of their clothes which I find charming though I suppose some may find it limiting. It would be difficult to show you all that I’ve purchased over the last two years, but I will say that when they have a clearance, they’re generally so good that I’ll buy one in every size so I have clothes stashed away up to size 6! During their last clearance sale, I purchased their jacquard sweaters and blankets for $7.99 each (they originally sold for $39.95 each and the quality of the knitting is amazing). . I did the same with their Toddler Dolman Hoodie and Toddler Knit Terry Hoodie spending between $7.99 and $8.79 for one every size from 2T to 6. They’re still being sold at major retailers for $28.99 (reduced from their original $30.95).

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Organic Baby Clothes: Soft Clothing for Kids with SPD

Soft Clothing brand is another organic company that creates clothes for infants, toddlers, and school-age children. The creator, a special education teacher, created the clothing line for kids who have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Kids with SPD appreciate the exceptional comfort of flat seams, soft fabrics, printed labels, seamless features, and more and so do we.

Soft Clothing Organic Outfit - total price $35

I did break down and buy their very girly Plum Heart Chelsea Organic Top ($5.99), White & Pink Natalie Bubble Skirt ($5.99), White & Pink Amalya Organic Pants ($9.99), and White & Pink Rebeka Organic Trench Coat ($9.99) in a size 5. They were so beautiful and insanely discounted that I figured if I don’t have a granddaughter, I can donate them. I just couldn’t pass up this adorable trench coat for so little.

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Organic Baby Clothes: Sweet Peanut Clothing Company

Sweet Peanut Clothing is a Canadian brand that I’ve fallen in love with. They create adorable baby and toddler essentials in a collection of coordinated pieces. When a new collection is released, they close-outs their past collection at an amazing 70-75% off. I just did a major shopping spree of their last circus-themed, Big Top collection. I purchased 19 pieces for $125, that’s an average of $6.57 a piece for ORGANIC infant clothing! Plus since I already own several of their outfits, I know the quality is fantastic. It’s so wonderful that I wouldn’t think twice about paying full price for a piece I just had to have. The other two collections currently on clearance are, “Home Run,” in red, navy, gray, and white with pennants, peanuts, baseball players and more and “Sweet Tea,” a decidedly pink and girly theme with cupcake prints, shabby chic florals, and stripes in dresses, pants, onesies, and more.

Sweet Peanut Organic Baby Clothes Haul - 70 to 75% Off

Sweet Peanut’s new collections are “All My Love,” a red and white collections with stripes and hearts; “Santa Monica,” and adorable pink, yellow, and white collection celebrating the vintage Ferris wheel; “Beep Beep,” is an insanely bright yellow and black, which is an homage to the Yellow Taxi; and “The French Once,” a navy blue and white ode to the Eiffel Tower and sailboats.

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Organic Baby Clothes: New Jammies

I also added New Jammies 100% Organic Cotton pajamas to my list of must-watch brands. I look for special deals and discounts and scoop up whatever sizes are on sale. They are regularly $30, but I’ve purchased four sets for under $10 each. There are many gender-specific options as low as $3.61 each.

New Jammies Organic Cotton

They have plenty of adorable patterns,  but their whales and crabs are my favorites. If they’re not your thing, they do make plenty of traditional girls and boys designs to choose from.

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Origany Reversible Jacket Infant - the inside is a "Cute as a Bunny" print

Origany Reversible Jacket Infant – the inside is a “Cute as a Bunny” print

Organic Baby Clothes: Origany Organic Clothing

Origany makes some adorable clothing including this reversible jacket which I did purchase. They’re on the high-end of the price scale and deep discounts are harder to find. I did score a few through Zulily and I’ve signed up to be notified when they add products to the site.

Do you have a go-to clothing brand? I’d love to hear about it, especially if they sell organic options.

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Origany Organic Dress Origany Organic Dress Origany Organic Dress


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