Budgie & Jayden, Scottish Grandpa and Grandson, Play PIE FACE

 This is the original “Kid and Grandpa play Pie Face game” viral video entitled, “Budgie & Jayden,”  that was uploaded to Facebook by Sharon Boswell O’Brien in April, 2015. Since then, it’s be redistributed and seen by more than 88 million people. The cafeteria worker wrote, “Pie Face …. So Funny ….. My crazy Family xx — with Nikki O’Brien, Martin Budgie O’Brien, Mark O’Brien and John Opray.” Could she have known that her simple family video would tickle so many?

Who hasn’t fallen in love with Budgie and Jayden. The Scottish grandfather and his grandson giggle wildly as the tension builds in the game and few words are spoken between the two, but the body language says it all – pure joy. When first Budgie and then Jayden end up with cream on their faces their fits of giggles along with a few snorts send them both crashing to the floor. It’s one of those videos that feel authentic, and truly fun.

The Hasbro PIE FACE game is preselling now on Amazon.com for $19.99. Some 3rd party sellers are selling the original UK version for $69.99

Hasbro Releases PIE FACE October 2015

Pie Face Game by Hasbro - preselling now on Amazon.com - releases October 2015

When Hasbro saw the enthusiastic response to the game, they obtained the rights from Esdevium Games, a UK-based games, toys, and collectibles distributor to release the game themselves. The new PIE FACE game will be appearing in the UK and US October 2015.

The PIE FACE game has the same suspense of Jenga and MouseTrap, but with the added value of getting hit in the face with a plastic palm with a wet sponge (or whipped cream). The game is designed for kids ages five and up and two or more players and it’s simple to play. The first person to score 25 points wins. But every time the handle is turned, you score a point but you also risk unleashing the pie!

The PIE FACE game includes the chin rest, splash guard mask, throwing arm, spinner, and sponge. To play, wet the sponge and place it on the palm of the plastic hand or up the ante and bring your own whipped cream or shaving cream to make it even more fun!

PIE FACE – Holiday 2015 Must-Have

This will likely be THE game of the 2015 holiday season so I suggest preordering Hasbro’s PIE FACE now so you won’t be disappointed later. I’ve preordered mine and can’t wait to play it with my kids.

Learn more about this fun family-friendly game at www.hasbro.com and follow them on Twitter at @Hasbro and @HasbroNews.

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