The Secret to Scoring Amazing Deals on Amazon 

I’ve been buying organic baby clothes for over a year now in preparation for the day my son and daughter-in-law announced they’re pregnant. Since organic is important to me and they’re budget doesn’t have room for it, I’ve made it my mission to outfit my future grandchildren in organic clothing for next to nothing.

I’ve been buying unisex clothing (though that’s a lot harder than it seems – we genderize our clothing from newborn) in all sizes as I find the deals. I rarely spend more than $10 for any one piece including jackets, sweaters, and other outdoor gear. Using the method above, this little one will have. a full wardrobe of organic clothing up to age 6!

Here’s a sampling of the deals I found today. These are one size, one color/pattern deep discount sales. Please note that Amazon sellers can change their pricing at any time – the prices were accurate at the time this post went live. To score these deals yourself, click on the Buy from Amazon and ignore the .ca – it links to the US website.

These are different than the GoldBox deals on Amazon – these are one-of price differences or special pricing one specific color or size.

Amazon Searches – Organic Baby Clothing Deals

My Amazon Organic Baby Haul

Here’s what I bought on this trip through Amazon – 4 sets of organic pajamas and one organic sleeveless bodysuit – total $38.60.

List Price:$34.00 Price:$8.39 You Save:$25.61
List Price:$34.00 Price:$9.80 You Save:$24.20
List Price:$34.00 Price:$7.08 You Save:$26.92
List Price:$35.00 Price:$9.60 You Save:$25.40

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The Secret to Scoring Amazing Deals on Amazon
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