Stainless steel interiors with plastic lids. Steel lids leak. This is a nice compromise between the two – the plastic doesn’t touch the food. The Funtainer does have a plastic straw, again, it’s a compromise. The fluid is suspended in the stainless steel.

Have you noticed how plastic has taken over our lives? Especially when it comes to kids. It seems like from the moment they’re born they’ve got one plastic thing or another shoved into their mouths. Then we start feeding them, and we use plastic again. And worse, many of you out there are still heating food in plastic containers in the microwave – stop that!

Sure, plastic is supposed to be safer now that BPA has been removed from much of it, but you realize that was just a few years ago. It was allowed for decades, and the removal was done voluntarily because consumers demanded it. Currently, there is no law against using BPA in children’s products. In fact, in 2012, the FDA denied a petition that would have banned BPA from all food packaging. Ironically, in doing so, they wanted to state clearly that their decision does not mean that BPA is safe for consumption.

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Back to School Lunch Box Containers – Why Choose Stainless Steel

So while plastic is probably safer than is was before the consumer uprising, it’s not necessarily safe, and entire generations were raised without the help of plastic, so why is this generation so intent on using it?  There are options. Stainless steel provides a rugged, portable and lightweight choice for lunch box containers. They’re easy to clean, can be reused for decades, and don’t break if dropped. Glass is another option, though heavier and they do shatter, they clean easily and last for decades as well. Plus, neither glass or stainless steel pick up odors.

The stainless steel and glass versions of water and food containers do cost more, but they last longer too. And they’ve become so popular that many of the large companies are making them with their beloved characters so your child can be eco-friendly and have their favorite superhero on their thermos. Oh, and did I mention that when stainless steel is used in an insulated container that’s properly warmed or cooled before filling it can keep your food hot/cold longer? It’s true! So this year when you shop for back-to-school lunch boxes, thermoses, and food containers, think stainless steel. You’ll appreciate the easy to clean surface, and your kids will love the more traditional looking exterior, but the real winner will be their future health and our landfills.

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Are you moving to remove some of the plastic out of your children’s lives?