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It has been HOT in Seattle for the last few weeks. So much so that we’re hoping that our next power bill won’t require us to take out a loan to cover it. Our portable air conditioner has been running non-stop, something it’s never been asked to do before.

Of course when it’s this hot there’s no way I’m going to cook, but one can only eat so many salads, cold cereal, and sandwiches before the body starts longing for favorite foods. Mine happens to be oatmeal. It’s my number one favorite breakfast food, but I’m not going to stand over the stove to make them in this heat. No way.

But then I discovered CVS’s Gold Emblem Abound Instant Oatmeal Maple & Brown Sugar, and I decided it was time to take back breakfast, but I needed to modify my usual cooking habits to accommodate the heatwave. I took breakfast outside onto the deck, and we had enjoyed a few minutes listening to the birds why we savored our meal before the heat of the day chased us inside. It’s been much too long since we’ve done that. I boiled water and put a few slices of bread into the toaster over – that was the extent of my cooking, and it all happened while I was setting the table, so it was fuss-free.


My husband likes his oatmeal thick and with just a splash of milk. I like mine watery, and then I add soy milk on top of that. Mine is so thin that I could drink it with a straw, but that’s the beauty of instant oatmeal, we can both have it the way we like it.  But why didn’t I use instant oatmeal before? Because I’m an oatmeal snob. I like old-fashioned oats that take 20-minutes or more to cook and most instant varieties have the texture of baby food because they’ve pulverized the oats beyond recognition. Plus they overly sweeten them with artificial flavors, so they’re a far cry from a traditional old-fashioned oatmeal. The Gold Emblem Abound Instant Oatmeal Maple & Brown Sugar has the same fast cooking feature, but it has a fabulous texture as well, and it’s just lightly sweetened. Does it the same nutty mother-oatmeal taste of whole oats? Of course not, but for a quick and easy, almost no-cook breakfast, it’s perfect.

About Gold Emblem Products at CVS

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Eat Healthier On the Go!

Take a healthy breakfast on the road! Don’t limit yourself to fast food drive-thrus. With the right reusable equipment, you can have a quick and easy meal for pennies! The same breakfast we enjoyed on the deck can be packed to go. Just heat the insulated container of your choice with hot water before adding hot oatmeal (and in my case soy milk) so that you get the longest possible heat retention (about 4 hours). The same goes for the drink bottle – add only chilled liquids to a container that’s had been cooled with cold water or put cold water in an open container and put it in the refrigerator overnight. These simple steps go a long way in making sure your hot food it hot and your cold food cold, which means it’s also safe!

Pack items you want to keep sog-proof in a separate container and add them just before eating. I did that with my oatmeal stir ins so they’d be nice and crispy when I was ready to eat. The final step is to pack them all in an insulated bag.  All of these things can be packed in your suitcase and breakfast can be ready every morning with just a little hot water from the coffee pot in your room or the front desk. With a bowl of oatmeal priced at $10-$15 from room service (plus tax, tip & delivery), you’ll have a hearty meal with nuts, fruit, and oats for pennies!

No Excuses – Healthier Meals Are Available!

There you go – a fast and easy healthier breakfast to be enjoyed at home or on the go!

How do you like your oatmeal?