The AMERICAN GIRL® Company provided a SAMANTHA PARKINGTON® doll to facilitate this review; all opinions are ours.

American Girl Doll Samatha 2015 - American Girl Doll Samantha Parkington - A Girls Best Friend @american_girl #ad

Trends come and go. A popular trend spreads like wildfire seemingly overnight but before long it fizzles out just as quickly as it soared to popularity. As I look around, I can list at least a half dozen trends that I’ve noticed have made their appearance in the limelight and then disappeared over the span of a few months. Just recently we saw an immense increased in men who’ve followed Jared Leto’s styling sense by wearing their long hair in a top knot (dubbed man buns and though he may have started the trend, Leto has chopped his off since), women in their 20’s dying their hair granny grey, and social media challenges like the Kylie Jenner lip plumper or the cinnamon challenge. They’re here one minute and gone the next.

American Girl’s History

One trend or popular activity that hasn’t gone out of style since its debut in 1986 is the collecting of AMERICAN GIRL® Dolls. Since their release, the American Girl company has been providing inspiring products for each important stage of a young girl’s development, from preschool to their teenage years. The American Girl trend that exploded overnight has sustained itself over the last 29 years because of their commitment to quality.  It has grown to expand products like premium-quality books, dolls, clothes, toys, and accessories.

In 1992 the American Girl Company released its first-ever, exclusive magazine for girls called American Girl, an appropriate age publication designed to address issues such as self-esteem, to celebrate achievements, and to foster creativity in today’s young girls. In 1995, American Girl released their contemporary doll line that has since evolved into Truly Me, a collection of 18″ dolls, accessories, and exclusive play-based print and digital content for girls ages 8 and up. It was also in 1995 that American Girl released the Bitty Baby™ Collection that targeted audiences ages 3-6.

American Girl Doll: Meeting Samantha Parkington

Jayda met her new best friend, Samantha Parkington, and immediately fell in love with the doll that looks so much like her. The glossy, long brown hair, hazel green eyes, and sweet smile highlighted by the lovely pink polka dotted dress with lace collar, velvet tie, shiny patent leather dress shoes, classic white tights, and a matching black purse.

American Girl Doll Samantha - American Girl Doll Samantha Parkington - A Girls Best Friend @american_girl #ad

While Jayda, who’s a bit younger than the target age for this doll at five, loved the quality-made American Girl dress, her imagination was already dreaming up new adventures. It wasn’t long before she had her out of her signature dress and styled for her first day of school complete with a denim backpack and fall jacket. She tucked a tiny teddy bear into the backpack in case she got worried. Next she tried on a princess dress with a pettiskirt, a skirt set with a sweater, and lastly a pair of pajamas with a fuzzy white robe and slippers when it was time to go to bed.

Amerian Girl Doll – Lasting Quality

I was awed by the overall quality of the doll. She’s as well made as the original dolls issued in the 1980’s which my sister purchased for her girls. They kept those dolls and will each be handing them down to their girls.  The company continues to use outstanding materials and have created a doll with articulated arms and legs which allow a young girl to dress and undress her doll easily by herself allowing her to change her doll’s story and outfit as often as her imagination requires.

American Girl Doll Samantha's Accessory Kit - Sold Separately -American Girl Doll Samantha Parkington - A Girls Best Friend @american_girl #ad

Samantha’s Accessory Kit – Sold Separately Photo Credit: American Girl

American Girl Doll – A Friend for Life

Samantha has been given a spot in Jayda’s very crowded bed, so she’s here to stay. She pushed through some stiff competition with a few princesses to obtain her coveted spot. I love watching how Samatha encourages Jayda to create stories and use her imagination. That’s what I’d call a mutually beneficial relationship.

American Girl Doll Samantha with her new best friend , Jayda Photo - American Girl Doll Samantha Parkington - A Girls Best Friend @american_girl #ad

Samantha arrived with her own book, and we’re looking forward to reading her story and how she fits into history.

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