We were provided an ACTIVEON DX Action Cam to facilitate this review, but our thoughts are our own. All photos and video within this post were taken with the ACTIVEON Action Cam.

On our most recent trip to Hawaii, we brought along our ACTIVEON DX Action Camera 12MPDX in hopes of finding some cool stuff to film. If you’re unfamiliar with action cams, the basic idea is that it’s a camera that can capture all the adventurous activities you do, without getting in the way of what you’re doing. After trying it out, I’ll say it does that well.  I especially liked being able to just press the record button and then ignore the camera until I was done with my activity.

ACTIVEON DX Action Cam: Our Snorkeling Video

I’m not sure if we chose the underwater setting for the video. It’s likely we didn’t so the video may have been even better had we remembered to switch modes.

The ACTIVEON DX does up to 1920×1080 video at up to 60FPS, which allows for excellent viewing, even on larger screens. The ACTIVEON DX also takes high quality still photos, with its 12 megapixel CMOS sensor. One of the most important factors of any action cam is in the variety of mounting options since there would be nothing worse than losing your camera after a hard day’s shooting! The ACTIVEON DX comes with a plethora of included attaching gadgets, including adhesive mounts and various extendable and movable brackets. All the brackets are easily interchanged with a one screw system.

The ACTIVEON line also has many optional attachments, such as a suction mounting for use on smooth objects, and an adjustable head/helmet strap for first-person action shots. My personal favorite accessory is the waterproof housing for the ACTIVEON DX. I’ve long been a big fan of snorkeling, but it’s always been so hard to describe to others what it is you are seeing down there, but not so with an action cam. Everyone can see exactly what you’ve been seeing!

ActiveOn Camera - Snorkeling in Maui - ad

The ACTIVEON DX is extremely compact at just 2.4″x1.69″x1.26″ so you can be assured it won’t be in the way, for whatever activity you are doing. The camera only has three buttons, which can make a few of its more involved actions a bit more difficult, but for general use, I thought the three button layout worked very well. A red LED light is located on the screen side so you can be sure you hit the record button, which can be a bit hard to press when the ACTIVEON DX is inside its waterproof housing. The back viewing screen also leaves a bit to be desired, it’s very dark and low resolution, so it can be tough to see if you got the shot you wanted, at least in bright sunlight. The battery life claims to be 120 minutes, and in my usage that seemed pretty accurate. I do wish there had been a wrist strap included, for times when mounting wasn’t a great option.

In spite of the few minor annoyances I had using my ACTIVEON DX Action Cam, the camera did perform admirably, and what more can you really ask of a video camera but beautiful, high-quality images?

ActiveOn Camera - Snorkeling in Maui - ad

For high-quality HD action shots, the ACTIVEON DX is a winner.

ACTIVEON DX SPECS: 152° Wide-angle lens, 8-elements Aspherical Glass F/2.4 Lens,Full HD 1080P 60fps, 12M Pixel Pro Grade CMOS Sensor, 2” Built-in LCD, and Longer Battery 120min.

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