Soufeel provided a bracelet and a few charms to facilitate this review; however, all opinions are my own.

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I’m a sucker for making memories. Taking pictures, making albums, journaling about special events, etc. I love doing each of them in the spirit of capturing and later, remembering, the events that took place. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays; there isn’t a special occasion that goes without being marked with a special token or memento. I love being able to look back on special occasions and have something tangible to remind me of how wonderful it was. Memories tend to fade, but I have found that keeping records and mementos have helped to keep them fresh.

I’ve long been interested in the new breed of charm bracelets and their purpose of marking special occasions in a memorable way, but the price was daunting. There are quite a few companies making the snake chain bracelets, but the one most notable because of their television commercials was the only one I was familiar with and their prices are more than I’m willing to pay, even for memories. I decided to take a chance and work with a company that doesn’t have the same name recognition, but one that gets high reviews from customers,  to find out if the quality of the charms and bracelet were on par with the popular brand, and I’m glad I did.

Soufeel – For Every Memorable Day

Soufeel was founded in 2011 with the slogan, “For Every Memorable Day.” Since getting their start, Soufeel has made it their mission to deliver the best shopping experience for jewelry lovers all around the world. As a manufacturer of 925 different charms and colored gems, Soufeel has a memento for every occasion as well as being able to offer custom pieces for customers, so their special day is even more unique and memorable. Soufeel products are currently sold in over six different continents such as Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific.

I ordered my bracelet and charms from the Soufeel site. I stayed mostly with travel charms and selected several to remind me of my many trips to Monterey, Disneyland, New York, and more. Most are sterling silver with “gems” embedded in them; however, a few have coloring like the red suitcase which is one of my favorites.

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I’m embarrassed to say that when the bracelet arrived, I had no idea how to put the charms on it. It turns out I was making it much harder than it was (no surprise there!). I finally realized there was a horizontal slit in the clasp and a quick insertion of a fingernail and a gentle prying motion with a little pressure opened it up.

SouFeel Charm Bracelet Clasp Fits all popular snake charm bracelets - ad

Once the clasp was open, I could start stringing my beads. I put them on and took them off several times before I realized I should probably lay them out in order before putting them on the bracelet. It seems obvious, but I was excited to get it together.


SouFeel Bracelet - Wanderlust Charms Fits all popular snake charm bracelets - ad

Since this is my first European charm bracelet, I didn’t know to order spacer or stop beads. Instead, I order seven decorative charms which gravity forced to the lowest point on the bracelet. It wasn’t attractive. Plus the bracelet was at least an inch too long, and I could almost slip it off over my hand without unclasping it.

SouFeel Bracelet - Travel Charms Fits all popular snake charm bracelets - ad

I emailed the company and they assured me the bracelet would fit fine once I filled it with charms, and they educated me on the purpose of the spacer and stop beads. Unfortunately, I had no money in the budget to purchase the necessary beads, so I stopped at a craft store and bought two sets of silver-colored spacers and stop beads to use temporarily.  I tried it first with just a few between the charms and eventually filled the bracelet in with them, and I’m glad I did.

SouFeel Statue of Liberty Charm Fits all popular snake charm bracelets - ad

After adding the inexpensive spacers and stop beads, I realized that the bracelet is too heavy in all metal and I don’t really like the look of it. I’m going to break it up with colored beads as well as pearl beads, as my budget allows.

Soufeel Silver Charms

The quality of the Soufeel charms is fantastic. I prefer the dangling charms, a personal preference, because the others, like the cruise ship below, get lost in a sea of silver.
SouFeel Charm Bracelet - Cruise Ship Fits all popular snake charm bracelets - ad

Each charm has detailed features that make it even more special.SouFeel Charm Bracelet - Plane Fits all popular snake charm bracelets - ad

While the charms are about 1/3 the price of the popular name brand, it’s still easy to drop a small fortune into a bracelet. Mine, as shown, was over $200, and that’s a lot of money. By the time I replace the cheap beads with something in sterling silver, I’ll have $350-$400 invested in this piece. I justify it to myself because it’s Sterling silver so I’d be proud to pass it down to a great niece or granddaughter (should I have one).Soufeel Charm Bracelet - Travel Fits all popular snake charm bracelets - ad

The bracelet appears to be very durable. I’ve not lost or scratched it yet, and that’s a good thing!

Soufeel – Special Occasion Jewelry

Do you have a special occasion on the horizon and are currently looking to surprise your loved one with a token that they’ll cherish? Soufeel has a wide selection of charms, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and much more, to choose from. Your special day will be a joyous occasion, especially after your special someone is presented with their precious memento from Soufeel.

Visit Soufeel online or purchase their charms on You can connect with Soufeel on Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest|Instagram|Youtube|Google+ and never miss out on the latest and greatest news.