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Checking out the Google Cardboard Virtual Reality on my  Droid Turbo - #VZWBuzz ad

I’ve been hearing more and more excitement about the new virtual reality technology hitting the market over the last few months. Wanting to get a taste of this new technology, but not looking to spend the $200-$300 for one of the fancy new headsets, I decided to use my Droid Turbo as a virtual reality platform using a Google Cardboard headset.

This simple Google Cardboard device turns my Droid Turbo into a Virtual Reality machine - #VZWBuzz ad

The Google Cardboard headset is just what it sounds like; a simple device created from a piece of cardboard. But with this headset, which is priced between $5 and $25, paired with a powerful smartphone such as the Droid Turbo, creates an incredible experience.The Droid Turbo is the perfect smartphone to use with the cardboard headset because of its high pixel density screen which provides a crystal clear picture, while the ultra-fast processor ensures that the virtual reality apps run silky smooth.

You can cGoogle Cardboard Badgereate your own Google Cardboard device. Download the device template from Google (instructions can be found here) and purchase the required Biconvex lenses on Amazon. If you decide to purchase a Google Cardboard, make sure to look for brands that have received the Google Cardboard Badge so you can be sure it works great with the apps and games. That’s how I chose the I AM CARDBOARD® Google Cardboard Kit for my Droid. There are plenty of knock-offs with substandard lenses and faulty magnets.

Google Cardboard App Recommendations

While there are a plethora of virtual reality apps to choose from in the Google Play store featuring 3D VR or full screen 360 stories, but there are a few that really stand out. “Titans of Space” by DrashVR puts you in the front seat of a small spacecraft. You are then taken on an autopilot tour of the entire solar system where you get a first-hand look at all of the planets and a truly awe-inspiring up close view of our sun. The sense of scale that I got from being able to “fly” up to Jupiter and Saturn was really eye opening.

Another free app that shows off the Droid Turbo‘s power is “Vrse.” This app has a library of virtual reality experiences including a walk down a New York street, a behind the camera view of Saturday Night Live, and my personal favorite, a video called “The Evolution of Verse” that really cannot be described, you’ll just have to try it yourself.

Droid Turbo and Google Cardboard = Virtual Reality Now -  #VZWBuzz ad

Virtual reality is arriving in a big way in the next few years, and this is something that I think everyone should try. Even my middle-aged mother enjoyed looking at the universe through the virtual reality app and may be getting a Google Cardboard device to explore more. After all, with the Droid Turbo, all you need is an affordable piece of cardboard with the right optical lenses, to open up whole new worlds.

Have you tried Google Cardboard or the Droid Turbo?