Lego Pinata - Create Your Own DIY Party Decor

My son wanted a piñata for his LEGO birthday party, but our party store didn’t have any piñatas that would work. So I created my own LEGO brick piñata at home! Keep reading for the instructions — it was a lot easier than I thought it would be! Plus check out my previous posts including our LEGO party games and the other DIY and decor projects I made for the party too!

LEGO Pinata Supplies

DIY LEGO Pinata Supplies - Lego Pinata - Create Your Own DIY Party Decor

Here’s what I used to make my LEGO piñata. You’ll need a sturdy, empty cardboard box (I used a double-pack cereal box from Costco), crepe paper/party streamers in the color of your choice, small cups to make the LEGO dots (these are condiment cups — they come with separate lids too, so they’re perfect for packed lunches or holding toddler snacks too!), scissors and glue.

LEGO Pinata DIY: How To Make It

DIY LEGO Pinata -- Cutting Fringe - Lego Pinata - Create Your Own DIY Party Decor

I’d never made a piñata before, so I looked up some helpful tips from Piñata Boy — his website has lots of piñata hacks and is awesome for anyone attempting their own creation. That’s where I got the idea for cutting the crepe paper. The easiest and quickest way to cut uniform strips is just to cut right into the roll, a few layers in. Then make some small cuts, about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up your strip (be careful not to cut all the way through!) to create the pieces of fringe that you’ll ruffle up later.

DIY Lego Pinata -- fringe how-to - Lego Pinata - Create Your Own DIY Party Decor

Next, put your empty box upside down and get ready to glue. You want the box to be upside down to make for easy candy release — we’ll cover that more in a minute. Layer on your fringed crepe paper strips, starting at the bottom and overlapping a little bit as you go. Your strips should be long enough to go past the edge of one side of the box, so just keep gluing and pull it around the corner.

DIY Lego Pinata -- how to glue fringe - Create Your Own DIY Party Decor

Once you’ve got the crepe paper attached, glue on the cups. I did six on one side, to make it look like a 2×3 LEGO brick. Let that dry, and then glue crepe paper all over them to cover the plastic. I didn’t use fringed pieces for this; I just cut smaller pieces and glued them haphazardly all over the cups. It doesn’t have to be super pretty — kids will be attacking this thing with a bat in a matter of hours! 🙂

Lego Pinata - Create Your Own DIY Party Decor

After all the sides have crepe paper on them, fill up the box with small individually wrapped candies or with pinata filler which includes inexpensive toys and candy. Then, turn the box and add crepe paper to the top and bottom. I recommend NOT taping or gluing the bottom box tabs shut because this makes it too hard to beat up, speaking from personal experience of course. Adding the glue and crepe paper to that bottom section provides a little more reinforcement, and you want that box to open with a few hits. It’s super sturdy anyway – adding tape, like we did – makes it way too hard to smack open, at least for our five-year-olds.

Once everything is dry, ruffle up the fringe a bit to give it that fluffy piñata look — and you’re ready for a party!