I received a Coolibar Tropicana Sun Hat to facilitate this review; however, all opinions are my own.

It’s more important than ever to keep my face from the sun. With a family history of skin cancer and aging skin that can’t work as hard as it did in the past to repair the damage I do to it, I need the extra protection of a hat. Sure, a sunscreen is a great idea, but sometimes I want just to run outside for an hour or so, and I don’t want to take the time to put on anything except a hat. But I want that hat to be cute and flattering so that I’ll want to wear it.

Cool Sun Protection: Coolibar Tropicana Sun Hat

I’ve gone through many hats over the last few years, but many of them only get worn a time or two before they end up in the back of the closet. Face it, most women’s sun hats are designed for style and not wearability, and those are the hats that are tossed into the back of my closet after just one wearing. Most of them are there because they’re uncomfortably heavy, or they have no air flow, so they’re too hot to wear. They always make me end up with a sweaty head and “hat hair”. But this new Tropicana Sun Hat (Item #02253) hat from Coolibar is both lightweight and breathable, plus it looks great!

Coolibar Tropicana Sun Hat side view - Coolibar Tropicana Sun Hat ad

This hat is made from straw and is accented with a brown or black crepe sash tie. The crown of the Coolibar Tropicana Sun Hat is lined with cotton that improves the sun protection and helps to keep my head cooler. The moisture-wicking elasticized sweatband makes this the perfect hat to wear in hot weather. In fact, in the photos it was 95F, and I was HOT, but the hat did its job of keeping my face shaded without ending up with a sweaty hair – in fact, you can’t even tell I had it on!

Coolibar Tropicana Sun Hat Sweat-free Band - Coolibar Tropicana Sun Hat ad

It’s generously sized at 22-1/4″ so it fits my head perfectly, and it’s rated at a UPF of 50+. Of course, it’s up to me to be sure I’m completely shaded by the 4″ brim and to move or reposition myself if necessary to maintain the coverage. It’s flexible, so I’ll be carefully packing it for our trip to Hawaii in October and until then it hangs on the coat rack near the front door, so it’s always handy. It’s a quality made hat, so I expect to get years of use out of it – that’s not something I’ve ever experienced before with fashion sun hats.

I chose this style for its classic look and timeless style though Coolibar has trendy hats as well. From large oversized resort hats to adventure bucket hats, but all of them have significant sun protection features to keep away the damaging rays of the sun.

Coolibar Tropicana Sun Hat - Coolibar Tropicana Sun Hat ad

Coolibar Sun Protective Clothing

I’ve been impressed with Coolibar’s quality, styles, and customer service. I look forward to adding more of their quality sun protective clothing to my closet soon. Find out more about the Coolibar and their line of sun protective clothing by visiting www.coolibar.com.