My newly-five-year-old wanted a LEGO birthday party, so we threw him a great one without spending a ton of money – check out how I saved money on food and decorations for our LEGO birthday party here. My son invited five fellow LEGO-loving friends.

Once the party was all set up, what was I going to do with all these children for two hours?? Here’s a roundup of the free and inexpensive LEGO games and activities we included in our 5th birthday bash:

LEGO Party Games on a Budget - A Fifth Birthday Bash

LEGO Party Games


This game ended up being my #1 favorite party activity. It took a good chunk of party time, and the kids stayed totally engaged the whole time. We printed these LEGO BINGO sheets and call cards. We laminated them too, which is optional, but it prevented the game from getting trashed by overexcited kindergartners. (Plus, my son would love playing this game on a regular basis so now we can add it to our game cupboard!)

Free LEGO BINGO Game - Downloadable and printable  - LEGO Party Games on a Budget - A Fifth Birthday Bash

I set out a bowl of random LEGO pieces to use as markers. Then, I called out each figure one at a time, and they marked off their boards. Since we had a young crew, it helped to show everyone each card up close so they could identify the unfamiliar figures. Older kids might not need such personal attention. And, I think this game would be too tricky for kids younger than 5.

LEGO Race Cars

Next, we all sat down with a pile of LEGOs. Each person got two sets of wheels and one windshield (purchased from the open stock wall of loose LEGOs at my local LEGO store) and could add anything from the pile to build their own race car. Once everyone was done, we raced them two at a time down a Mega Blox ramp my son had built. The kids LOVED this one. It was cute to see everyone’s unique cars, and they got so excited to race them. We dismantled these cars to use the pieces for another game, but you could turn these into a fun party favor by letting the kids take them home.

Easy Birthday Party Game - LEGO Race Car Derby - LEGO Party Games on a Budget - A Fifth Birthday Bash

LEGO Towers

After taking the race cars apart, everyone used the pieces again to see who could build the tallest tower out of LEGOs. I gave them four minutes on a timer, and when it ended we compared to see who’s tower was tallest when standing on its own. This game went super fast; I’d probably play it a couple of times if I did this again just to kill more time.

LEGO game ideas - Free Play : LEGO Party Games on a Budget - A Fifth Birthday Bash

LEGO Relay Race

We also tried a LEGO relay race outside, where the kids divided into two teams. One person at a time from each team carried a Duplo block in a spoon down a course to drop it in a bucket, continuing with everyone on the team until all the blocks were in the bucket. The game was a little too complicated for my five-year-olds, and they got frustrated easily when the blocks fell off the spoons. I still think it’s a fun game; it just didn’t work for my particular group.

A 5th Birthday Party On a Budget

We wrapped up the party with LEGO cupcakes, presents, party favors, and more LEGO free play. My backup plan was to let them watch the LEGO Movie if we ended up with a lot of extra time, but these games filled up our party just fine. It turned out great, and my little LEGO enthusiast was more than happy with his 5th birthday party.

Have you tried any other LEGO party games? I’d love to hear about them. Please share in the comments!